Sinister Purpose
Sinister Purpose by Wiebo de Wit
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2362
#34   15 Jul 2012
The chasm is cool, but that's the highlight.
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051R15 unregistered
#33   19 Sep 2009
Same problem w/ bots as No Class. They're constantly hopping in and out of the same teleporter.
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Wiebo de Wit unregistered
#32   05 Dec 2000
Hi all,

there is a new version of Sinister Purpose available on my website which fixes the sticky doors (which was a qbsp error) and it also features a more Tourney oriented item layout. Try it and tell me what you think!

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SoulReaper67 unregistered
#31   20 Oct 2000
Yes the sticky walls was annoying at first. You get to know where the defaults of a map are and stay away from them.

Very nicely done. I give it an 8.

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RiO unregistered
#30   14 Jun 2000
Sweet. You'll come for the art, but you'll stay for the game. And the Haste, of course. 8/10
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Th1nk1heardash0t unregistered
#29   10 Jun 2000
Lovely map, but why must people write on the levelshots? It ruins the image of the map! Anyhow, well made and I loved the river bit :=)
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not entered unregistered
#28   07 Jun 2000
Very good 1 on 1 map. Deceptively so in fact. Just running around and looking at it you get the idea that the connectivity isn't there but my opinion changed after a few good tourneys on it. Play it against a good player and you'll see what I mean.
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Steinecke unregistered
#27   19 May 2000
A very good map.
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Uy unregistered
#26   05 Apr 2000
Hahaha I found a bug!!

next to the telporter inside the building, you can jump against the wall and get stuck!

otherwise a cool map but the gameplay is non-existent

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mommentum unregistered
#25   04 Apr 2000
top 2% of all architectures. praise you :)

well connected, great atmosphere (especially out).

above all, skill rules this map.

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piZZa unregistered
#24   20 Mar 2000
Great map for 3-4 people. I've played with my friends and we all thought that it's very nice, however the idea is simple.
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SiCdeth unregistered
#23   18 Mar 2000
good map i didnt expect the outside part to be the way it was from the screen shot but it came out good i think the haste is a little bit mis-placed but it works and its a good map


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Wiebo de Wit unregistered
#22   12 Mar 2000
yeah jon, very constructive =]
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jon unregistered
#21   10 Mar 2000
This map is weak.. i found myself falling to sleep cuase every room looks the same the outside is nice.. but the rest sucks
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Yunfat unregistered
#20   10 Mar 2000
This map is excellent, a 9. Nice rooms and wide corridors dominate so fragging is plentiful. Outside the castle we get nice trickling water sounds, the splish splash of the puddles also alert you of enemy presence. Good multi-level play, this map is as connected as Stevie Wonder at the Grammy's. Oh, those sweet nooks and crannies, places to hide and chill (good for HPB ad LPB) ! A castle that has atmosphere. Which is everything in a map.
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Gila unregistered
#19   10 Mar 2000
"Lacking in connectivity?"

I think this map is great! Very well done, that screenshot reminds me Unreal's intro castle level... I played this map, very good gameflow.

You have to play ALL maps with "humans", bots play dumb on almost every map!

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Wiebo de Wit unregistered
#18   10 Mar 2000
thank you for all the nice comments guys... I'm glad you enjoyed the map so much


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GibFest unregistered
#17   10 Mar 2000
I myself think it cannot be improved in anyway bar the removal of a clip brush or to to make those invisable edges go away. And the cliffy rocks and rocky ceiling add to wht is an awesome atmosphere.
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menace unregistered
#16   09 Mar 2000
I didn't miss health so much as armor, was there any? Well I think adding another armor, and possibly some shrads, would do the trick.

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Daemion unregistered
#15   09 Mar 2000
The architecture on this map is cool, i find it very worked and the results are quite good.

Although, i missed some more health, only 4x25 is not enough... hate when you go running at 27 life and the most u can do until u find another player is to grab 1x25.

Some armor shards and small health lines would have been superb.

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Scampie unregistered
#14   08 Mar 2000
very good map
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Menace unregistered
#13   08 Mar 2000
I'm very surprised at the low score, and yet some other very mediocre maps get much higher scores. I guess the masses have no taste after all. :/

Plus I bet many of the maps with very high scores aren't even known since they need 45 votes to show up in the top 10, which very few maps have got yet.

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GibFest aka Jailbird unregistered
#12   08 Mar 2000
Ahh Im innocent.

A very nice map which me and Dru had a good 1v1 on. I did notice those liittle clip things on some of the hallways and one near the RL tho but I dont jump at wall very often.

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{USG}FR/GG/DELIC unregistered
#11   08 Mar 2000
Greetings from Switzerland I have test it, and it rocktz !!!!! cya Quaker

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#10   07 Mar 2000
ThaT Dood - make yourself a bit clearer.

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ThaT Dood unregistered
#9   07 Mar 2000
does it strike anyone funny that this site is ripping off ideas from other sites as far as content...??
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#8   07 Mar 2000
Excellent map and nice Portal/Rocket Launcher trick.

Holland Rules! B^)

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Drag-On{WcS} unregistered
#7   07 Mar 2000
Great Map , Amesome map
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Sniper187 unregistered
#6   07 Mar 2000
This map ownz. Plain and simple.
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Octovus unregistered
#5   06 Mar 2000
Strange...the comments here sound friendly and yet the maps score is low. Well I liked it enough to give it a 7.5 which in this case I rounded up as opposed to rounding down like I usually do. =) The sparse health felt very right in this level and good use of the Portal was made, it fit better than regular teleporters would have. I liked the bounce-pad near the RL, helped gameflow alot. Good map for tourneys...however the bots didn't seem to know the haste existed. =( That's my only real gripe, besides perhaps some parts being pretty dark.

Happy Fraggin! Octovus

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Dru unregistered
#4   06 Mar 2000
Nah, this map 0wns... Me and Gibby (aka Gibfest aka Jailbird aka Dealer... hehe) have decent 1-on-1 and the smaller amounts of health mean you pull the fights to certain areas.

Beautiful map too,


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pUq3 unregistered
#3   06 Mar 2000
Great map, but there's a bug in it :(

It seems you can sometimes get stuck in the brushes of the doorways

Luckily it doesn't happen often tho, but still bloody annoying.

It's gonna stick on my HD tho =)

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Mr. Barnard - Room 12 unregistered
#2   06 Mar 2000
Yeah, health is definately sparse on this level, but I didn't find it detracted from the gameplay in the slightest (at least in the five player game I tried - wouldn't go for too many more players in there though..). Just makes you pay more attention to your health levels than you might be used to. Personally, I found that to be a welcome strategic element to this map - it just makes sense to be running AWAY from the lunatic shooting rockets at you, rather than charging up to them and blasting both of you in the face just because you're strong enough to survive... maybe a few shards of armour would have been nice, as the single red vest gets snapped up pretty quick tho...

Still, REALLY nice map that plays extremely well and looks great. Definately a keeper, and I doubt I'll ever be getting rid of it. Thanx Wiebo - keep 'em coming!

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wheelgun unregistered
#1   06 Mar 2000
There aren't as many health powerups in this level as there are in most Q3A maps I've tried out. This forces one to plan ahead. Kamekazis who rely on constant health powerups to stay alive won't like this level much. Personally I like Sinister Purpose.

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