axzctfmaps by Derkesthai
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Tetzlaff unregistered
#1   01 Mar 2003
Very amateurish maps with most of the typical newbie flaws in it. Bad lighting without visible light sources, dull and tiled texturing, cramped scaling in many places. No ambient sound.

The weapon placement is OK, at least there is no ammo overkill...

Layout: the routes arenĀ“t thought out well in both maps. The layout of axctf2 feels like random rooms joint together, cramped and confusing.

axctf1 is 2fort-like and has some interesting diagonal paths in the floor plan. The paths are extremely unbalanced and make the whole sub-level redundant. Parts of axctf1 could be the base for a better map, but the author should take more time to work the whole thing out.

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