The Platform
The Platform by StormShadow
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*papri-K* unregistered
#5   17 Feb 2003
very nice map, its good to see larger 1v1 maps.

when's the next release? back to the Gloom atmosphere perhaps?

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Grudge unregistered
#4   29 Dec 2002
A very nice map. Works very well both for 1v1 and 4-6 player FFA. Perfect flow.

// Grudge

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Mikey unregistered
#3   24 Dec 2002
Another great release from a great mapper...item placement is solid as usual & the lifts are a nice change of pace from the usual....nice work Stormy!
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nitin unregistered
#2   21 Dec 2002
nice map IMHO, good use of the textures, the layout works reasonably well despite being an 8. Some spotty lighting but nothing too distracting. MH area looks quite nice.


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johnboy unregistered
#1   21 Dec 2002
Nice job using Mr.Cleantex texture sets. The brushwork is real nice. I think the lift sound is perfect. It sounds just like a lift.
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