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Title: The Platform Filename: storm3tourney4 Author: Justin Ingels (aka: StormShadow) Contact info: **email removed** Homepage: www.planetquake.com/stormshadow Map info: Tourney map, or small-medium FFA 2-6 players reccomended Description: Sort of industrial themed map, 3 main areas, interconnected by hallways. Items: RA, YA, MH, all guns except for BFG Custom Textures: MrCleantex1 and MrCleantex3 by MrClean (www.planetquake.com/mrclean) Custom Models: ka_light model by kabal (www.planetquake.com/kabalarena) Bots: Despite several bot roams, and lots and lots of clusterportaling, the bot performance on this map is sub-par. Sorry! Bugs: Nothing serious :) Tools: Construction: GTKradiant 1.2.9 Compile/aas: q3build 2.0 Levelshot editing: adobe photoshop 7.0 Other: Arenamaster Construction time: 6 weeks, rougly Compile time: 20 minutes, total (including aas compile) Compile machine: p4 1.8 ghz 256 RAM Install Instructions: Unzip to baseq3. Map will show up in list Thanks to: MrClean for the fantastic textures, Kabal for the models. Beta testers: Krekits, nitin, scourge34, scwim (for mirroring my betas), +JuggerNaut+, Grudge, amethyst7, B L O T T O, discreet, jayP, V-Thrax, pjw, wviperw, Hex. If i left anyone out, im very sorry - I get so much help, that sometimes someone gets left out unintentionally. Special thanks to Mikey for hosting on server, and beta testing, and Annie for rigorous beta testing :) Other info: Distribute this map all you want! Go for it, i dont care. Just so long as this readme is included, or you get my permission first (for instance, if you want to use it in a pack, or whatever). Thx for downloading, enjoy!
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