Arena 999
by BUN
Arena 999 by BUN
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oRBIT unregistered
#6   09 Jan 2003
>>>>i wasnt missing any textures on this map<<<<

you can see it on the screenshot.

>>>>oRBIT is the most critical map reviewer i have ever seen<<<<

well, after downloading almost every map listed on this site, i decided to give something back and submit reviews of my own. i apologize if my reviews are too harsh. perhaps i expect too much out of a map.

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dg unregistered
#5   29 Dec 2002
download now! no missing textures on my end
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Mj unregistered
#4   28 Dec 2002
they check for missing textures without any custom maps installed in base must have a map or the gtk radiant in your computer.
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blankman12 unregistered
#3   27 Dec 2002
I liked the map, orbit is too harsh on alot of these maps. Does he make them??? I wasnt missing any textures...

Great fun. dont understand the review.

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franko1 unregistered
#2   25 Dec 2002
oRBIT is the most critical map reviewer i have ever seen. He doesn't like any maps, he sucks.

This map was fun, i think the author meant it to be one room, since it was called ARENA!! Also i wasnt missing any textures on this map, oRBIT must have map conflicts....

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MSandt unregistered
#1   22 Dec 2002
Boring & too open tourney level. Empty.
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