man0man by DeadEyes
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mdsmithson Rep. 11
#6   20 May 2023
This map truly ups the intensity to a new level. Lots of places to run and jump; abundance of power and level playing field.
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breen unregistered
#5   02 May 2008
woooooohaaa i love this map
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Me! unregistered
#4   25 Nov 2003
hey! this is a cool change of pace! really!hit the bong a few times and load up a bunch of nightmare bots and go!!
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Tudor unregistered
#3   23 Feb 2003
amazing! just awesome. i can't see why there's doubt about this map. 4 quads and hastes aren't bad at all, as a matter of fact they're perfect. it's alot thougher to kill someone with the same power ups as you and makes you work for the kill rather than having the power up do it for you. the abundant ammo crates are also an advantage rather than a disadvantage because they keep the action going and also force you to use your skill rather than you ammo stock pile since your opponent probably has just as much. the symmetry is good too. you know where everything is and therefore keeps you focusing on the opponent rather than having franticly searching for an ammo crate or a health sphere. very well put together map and a great expansion of "the longest yard" earns in full a 10/10
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RasputiN unregistered
#2   22 Dec 2002
I'd say this is just a fun map for fooling around, thus the overload of powerups ain't such a bad thing. If you don't like it, just yank' em out and recompile the map, source is within the pk3 :)))
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OverKill unregistered
#1   20 Dec 2002
Nice i like what u have done with dm17, the only thing i dont like about this map is if it where my map id leave out the bfg and all the power ups to many power ups,other wise well done.
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