Tomb of Retaliation
Tomb of Retaliation by Wilhelm Hell
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scinia Rep. 15
#4   10 Aug 2018
it's a plebeian map but well textured, I'd give it a 3.3
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6056
#3   19 Aug 2008
This is a very witty map and i think any tourney player will get a few laughs out of it. play it and you will see what i mean. i was inclined to think this may be beginners luck but given the authors name and his other efforts and their release dates i think the others fall down from exhausted (tired not spent) creativity. if the iron crosses were a little lower this would have opened up some extra cpma possibilities. as it stands they are not impossible to use just limited. given its size and the amount of items it would never be considered a competitive tourney map but for fun as a 1vs1 or 4 player ffa its hard to beat and makes for a great warm up or late night cooldown when your brain just wants to muck around. it's hard not to laugh when your sniping behind a grated window and someone comes flying up off a bouncepad infront of you with a rocket launcher in hand. has really made me think about the validity of some of my more well known inclusions in my map collection.
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not entered unregistered
#2   13 Jan 2003
An OK map but limited in size and scope. Gets tedious after a short time.
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MAnalog unregistered
#1   01 Dec 2002
good map, I agree the lower level is a strange considering the openess of the top level.

The only thing I found rediculous is the fact that you can get the Quad and in seconds have the Regen too. Cardinal sin imo to have 2 major PU's so close and so easily reached from one another.

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