Ev_tpmc by Eversor Omni Rei
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Tig Rep. 1612
#14   22 Mar 2016
I've download and tested your patch and added it to the review. Thanks for the patch Colton!
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Colton Rep. 349
#13   22 Mar 2016
I have improved botplay, because the bots just stood there & wouldn't do anything with the original botfile.
Edited 20.56 hours after the original posting.
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Colton Rep. 349
#12   22 Mar 2016
I'll try to improve botplay, I don't have any promises though. Nothing a little forcesidesvisible won't fix however!
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FragTastic Rep. 2317
#11   22 Jan 2012
Sexy Ting! 10/10
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2322
#10   16 Jul 2011
WOW! Cool architecture!!

Reminds me of one of those arctic-based maps from ZDaemon COOP...

And yeah, Meatboy Dogfood apparently has nothing better to do than making unwanted Cranky-Steve like reviews.
Edited: 16 Jul 2011 AEST

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EmeraldTiger Rep. 2553
#9   15 Jul 2011
I agree that the review is harsh about the botfiles. Theres really not much you can do about poor bot performance other than placing bot_roams, etc. but even then, if you truly want bots to play good youd have to get really hacky and manually change / add / remove waypoints, which if anything is not really worth the hassle.
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PaN61 Rep. 377
#8   14 Mar 2010
I had no problems at all with the framerates, visuals are stunning. The map has good multilevel gameplay for nasty firefights against human players. The lighting is used very smartly, to indicate team territory. The skybox also indicates team territory.

I like the theme of the white concrete with the black dividers molded into geometric angles.

The bot file is important to a map and if you ignore it, it degrades a maps gamplay, it's like ignoring textures or clip-brushes for a map. The bot file is also important to the people who don't have internet and to people who do have internet but don't have a fast internet connection to play with other people who have a fast internet connection.

Edited: 14 Mar 2010 AEST

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Meatboy Dogfood unregistered
#7   18 Nov 2002
I had no problems with framerates, but I have a pretty nimble system with a top notch video card. I hope that a bot file update will be forthcoming. Map plays just fine with people.
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krekits unregistered
#6   18 Nov 2002
Seems like the blue base was built first because the water is flowing downwards in there, the red base has water flowing upwards.

Too bad the ledges has that small tilt on the trim that makes them harder to run on, they should have been covered with clip brushes to make them flat.

I suspect the bots navigate the map poorly because the lack of bot clips, but I may be mistaken; if so please ignore me.

Me too noticed the high r_speeds and I experienced tiny lockups in-game when running around in the map.

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StormShadow unregistered
#5   18 Nov 2002
Err.. i dont think that legally, the geocomp ppl can stop others from using their textures.
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sock unregistered
#4   18 Nov 2002
The Geocomp texture pack does state the following ...

This pack of textures is purely for The Geometry Competition 2 and should not be used for any other purpose.

Map does indeed have some nice architecture but it is sadly let down by extremely high r_speeds of 20-30k in most areas.

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StormShadow unregistered
#3   17 Nov 2002
Poor bot play in a ctf map? Nooo.. never thought that would happen!

Bot support is much harder in ctf maps, botroams cant really be placed, and there is really not much you can do to make the bots play better. I dont think that gameplay should be judged based on bot performance.

Sweet looking map! Great work.

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Eversor Omni Rei unregistered
#2   17 Nov 2002
thx Meatboy for the review!

I was beginning to wonder if my map would be ever reviewed. Days of hell are at their end ;)

Nothing to add to your review, all in all a fast map, fastly build and fun to make. Bots where my biggest problem, but because of the contest deadline they could not have been fixed.

thx to everyone who gives this map a try, Eversor

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-cha0s- unregistered
#1   17 Nov 2002
visuals in this map are just stunning. and who plays against bots anyway !? :]

totally worth the download !

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