Turtle Map Pack 4
Turtle Map Pack 4 by Various
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raspatan Rep. 4259
#13   01 Nov 2020
Two maps are worth to mention. And really worth it. The one in the picture (by wviperw) is very good. Lot's of vertical action. Careful movement is required not to fall, but this, perhaps surprisingly, adds to the fun. Great map! The second is akuma's. Very cool. It's a bit horizontal but still plays amazing in a 3 FFA. Do not bother with the rest.
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George unregistered
#12   11 Nov 2002
Not worth HD space
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Gear :) unregistered
#11   01 Nov 2002
Hey ........ cool, I just read it. Funny to read, POOR GAMEPLAY. Of course, there's no optimization at all :) ITs a review for the FACTS that's all.

The poor gameplay will probably be the same for tm5 with an additional note of TOO DARK :)

Good tm guys,

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Scampie unregistered
#10   29 Oct 2002
ho well, not that it matters really. :D

and the .aas not loaded... yeah, the original .pk3 had a bad version of it... thought the pk3 had been updated since... here's a fixed .aas for that.

also, I have the .map availible for anyone who wants it. it's the the LvL Open Source liseance, but pretty close.

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psion unregistered
#9   29 Oct 2002
hey cool.. gj everyone. ;)
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wviperw unregistered
#8   29 Oct 2002
Yeah! They're finally reviewed. GG's all.

(and I agree that Scampie's map should have been in the top half at least)

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remnent unregistered
#7   29 Oct 2002
Remember- they let just ANYBODY review these maps. So these are one player's opinion (me).

MYTH- you're right, it is a tech-styled map. I looked at the screenie when i was writing the review and between the trees and colors- I thought: roman ruins.

SCAMPIE- I hated putting your map last because I love your maps from Speedpack 100,99,133, etc. This map just didn't do it for me personally. (I also couldn't get the .aas file to load, but tried not to let that influence the review).

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Shallow[BAP] unregistered
#6   29 Oct 2002
I certainly thought scampie's was in the better half of the pack for enjoyment, also excellent style and detailing, plus it shows that trisouping isn't the only way to make good looking rocks.

Eventually I might get around to releasing the texture set I made for my map :-P

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Akuma unregistered
#5   29 Oct 2002
lol, indeed Myth :)

Finally the review is here though.

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Myth unregistered
#4   29 Oct 2002
"MYTH - Indoor/Outdoor arena set in Roman ruins."

That's funny, I remember mine being a tech/space theme with a cave. Quite how you get to Roman ruins is truely beyond me.

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keditok unregistered
#3   28 Oct 2002
Mine was teh best TM EV4R SC4MP13!11
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Scampie unregistered
#2   28 Oct 2002
um... ignore that P.S. of my last post accually... there was a staircase thruout the dev of the map, but I scrapped it due to framerate on the last day... gg memory!
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Scampie unregistered
#1   28 Oct 2002
finally reviewed, just as TM5 finished!

lots of great maps in this pak, WviperW's was the best IMO. I remember his, Akuma's, Equim's, Myth's and Shallow's being great fun to play. all of those could easily be standalone, releasable maps with a little tweaking (in fact, I believe WviperW did just that).

The rest were pretty good for the time they were given, AD5's has a great looking center area and a nice overall theme. Monsto's map is nice looking, and is an original idea, but feels a bit disjointed in the way it works. and look on the screen on Gear's map! there I am! chatting away when I should have been mapping harder ;D

Good job to all those involved.

P.S. was my map really the worst in the pak? :(

it confuses me what the reviewer means by "Only way to upper levels is by climbing quarry wall."... does he mean the staircase, or did he somehow miss that?

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