Enemy Among Us
Enemy Among Us by RivrStyx
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Anonymous unregistered
#9   21 days ago
among us
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2169
#8   24 Jun 2014
I would rate this if these maps had bot support. I don't play Rocket Arena because I don't have anybody to play it with.
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FragTastic Rep. 2221
#7   13 Jan 2012
A very nice arena. 9/10.
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spirit Rep. 517
#6   05 Aug 2010
@SW12: No. As mentioned before this is a RA3 map and thus it has no bot support.

See en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rocket_Arena if you don't know about RA.

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SW12 unregistered
#5   03 May 2010
Does "Nowhere to hide" have bot support?
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SKS.45 unregistered
#4   28 Oct 2002
K, Thanx :-)
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shizza unregistered
#3   26 Oct 2002
also, if you are getting shut back to the title screen....then chances are you're on the wrong PR or trying to join a map you don't have.

and yes, this is for online play, RA3 doens't have bot support.

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shizza unregistered
#2   26 Oct 2002
it Rocket Arena 3. not rail arena. yes, you need the mod's client download located somewhere over here www.planetquake.com/servers/arena/

imo, RA3 is what Q3:A should have been.

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SKS.45 unregistered
#1   25 Oct 2002
I never could understand this rail arena mod. Each time I download the mod to run these maps... I get this GameSpy page that fires up and the maps just shut down to the mod title intro.

Whats the secret to get the mod going? Is this strictly an online game?

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