The Frag Pipe 2002
The Frag Pipe 2002 by Simon
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Scorpion Tank unregistered
#8   21 May 2012
i dont like q1,q2 maps to q3 conversions by random people. i think the guy with 13 in his name does better.
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FragTastic Rep. 2241
#7   12 Jan 2012
There is no need for adding '2002' in your map name because we already know when the map was added. It shows the dates of the release.
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GOOBALL unregistered
#6   18 Sep 2010
lol if u turn on noclip and go in the green goo theres a skeleton sitting there lol
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SW12 unregistered
#5   14 Jun 2010
Was it this map that was used in Generations Arena?
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Rob unregistered
#4   25 Aug 2002
The review and the redme state that it works with FFA, but the .arena file is missing it.
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xfoo unregistered
#3   20 Aug 2002
Did the author recreate the q2 jumps for cpma?
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Tetzlaff unregistered
#2   20 Aug 2002
Gothic architecture and texturing doesn´t suit a Frag Pipe remake at all, it looks totally weird... why didn´t the author use one of the many great industrial custom texture sets?
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ScuD unregistered
#1   19 Aug 2002
Danny...Seriously, "If we ever played Q2?"...
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