by mIKE
Volkskammer by mIKE
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FragTastic Rep. 2307
#8   19 May 2012
I'm impressed :). It gives the map a gothic look since of the textures were well used. Gameplay needs to be fixed because in several parts, It just laggs so badly :/. Weapon Placement is good and the amount of weapons you put in the map is very good. Not Bad! 7.5/10
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mIKE unregistered
#7   23 Aug 2002
Thats what i think, when i see maps like the geocomp-maps or nunuksmaps and all the other great levels. :-(

Thx for the post

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RasputiN unregistered
#6   23 Aug 2002
This one made me cry like a baby... just when I was beginning to think I was any good at Q3 mapping I saw this wonder of a map. Superb brush work / texturing / lighting, great ideas ( camping behind the banner,etc. ) and good botplay... oh my. I'll go back to Deus Ex for a few days to work out this humiliation ;}

It gets a 9 instead of 10 only because it made me feel so sad...

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Tetzlaff unregistered
#5   20 Aug 2002
Sorry, I didn´t wanted to put words in your mouth.

But death pits in a relatively tight map like this is no good idea IMO.

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EvilAndLazy unregistered
#4   15 Aug 2002
you put words in my mouth :( I didnt say "all good CTF maps need envoronment hazards" I just meant to say that it would have spiced thigns up a bit more
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mIKE unregistered
#3   15 Aug 2002
Thanks for your comments and a thanks for the 9.
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Tetzlaff unregistered
#2   14 Aug 2002
I have to disagree with the review, a good CTF does not need any terrain hazards like lava, slime or voids! The reviewer obviously doesn´t play CTF very often...

And it´s not the "same old goth theme again" (yes it´s gothic, but still different), Evil Lair´s Dismal Solace texture set has only been featured 1 time before, in Scancode´s Threewave map Vampire Crossings, and mIKE is making a better use of it IMO.

I really like the verticality of this map! And it should be especially interesting for 3W Classic CTF, because there a quite a few opportunities for grapple use (such as a quicker access to the flag platform).

I give it a 9

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haste unregistered
#1   13 Aug 2002
"On a side note, this map is especially good when played under the Alternate Fire 2.0 mod."

Woooo hoooo! Luvvin' it...

I'll have to download this map and try it out, then. :)

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