The Eternal Prisoner
The Eternal Prisoner by Morgoth (Hubert Pongratz)
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2372
#7   09 Aug 2012
Lovely architecture. I also like this one for the use of an original sky. It looks like a sunset.
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Starkiller unregistered
#6   04 Oct 2011
Thanks for this. Quake 3 Forever

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Hooyaah Rep. 599
#5   03 Mar 2010
There is more to this map than the thumbnail might lead one to believe. I agree with EvilAndLazy, this is an outstanding effort for a beginning mapper. I am, however, somewhat baffled by his read me file which states that this is the author's first map, as there is another map, The Killing Grounds, that was added to LvL in April of 2000. Perhaps the construction of The Killing Grounds was implemented somewhat earlier than his first released map. At any rate, this is a well done map that has at least one new sound, and, despite the fact that I noticed no new textures, its visual appearance is striking.
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Morgoth unregistered
#4   17 Aug 2002
Thanks to all who played my Map. Regarding future plans, I must unfortunately say that I have to join army soon (yes, I live in austria, there are 8 months duty to serve these idiots).So I've in nearby future no time to do anything. Sorry. But I will return again!
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Hades91 unregistered
#3   15 Aug 2002
ive only played this one a few times at bring it on,but i found the bot play fine,if you like the goth scenerery its very likeable.i myself was pleased
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OverKill unregistered
#2   14 Aug 2002
A great effort 4 a first map, yeah it does have a q3dm7 feel to it. well done Morgoth i look forward to seeing more maps from you, you will become a good mapper im sure.....keep up the good work man :)
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Tetzlaff unregistered
#1   14 Aug 2002
There is some really nice gothic architecture featured in the map, as you can also see on te screenshot. It´s just the old id-gothic texture set again, but good used. The lighting could have been better, it´s a bit harsh in places and too dark in the courtyards.

A few parts of the map are obviously inspired by q3dm7. Gameplay is too horizontal, but for a first map it looks pretty good.

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