Pile Driver's Cottage
by MF
Pile Driver's Cottage by MF
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FragTastic Rep. 2343
#8   06 Feb 2012
Never had a Cottage based map before :O. Judging by the screenshot, The map looks fun and textures look good.
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Randamadanna unregistered
#7   23 May 2010
Did I just land in the mod:smokin guns? Am I in the Wild West?
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Anonymous unregistered
#6   07 Jun 2006
Very Cool Map, Against five bots is great.
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rench unregistered
#5   10 Nov 2004
played this one too... very artistical.
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blue sky unregistered
#4   09 Mar 2003
cool work, this is a quite different level, an unusual style. i liked textures, sounds and most of all LIGHTS. sseyaall
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not entered unregistered
#3   25 Sep 2002
i liked it. gameplay it's a little poor but the atmosphere is something impressive. it seems real. cheers.
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Brink unregistered
#2   17 Aug 2002
I have to conclude the mapper was somewhat inexperienced with this and just banged this together in a few hours, there are some cool (but well traveled) methods with the light pouring through the broken ceiling, but otherwise there are sloppy bits like z-fighting on the doorway on the upstairs room. Not to mention the map has NO flow whatsoever. This map has no play value in my mind, and very little inspiration for fellow mappers either.
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shadowland2000 unregistered
#1   09 Aug 2002
I thought this map had some nice touches, and as a reality map, had that refreshingly different look. One thing though, you need to clip detail

brushes that stick out so you dont get caught on them. Anyway, good luck with your next map.

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