Towers of death
Towers of death by Anton
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Ben Rep. 30
#5   28 Dec 2009
Hmm, I have to say the map is a bit cramped, but I give it a 4.5 because it could make for some interesting and twisted tourney action I think.


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*papri-K* unregistered
#4   13 Jul 2002
ok, i'll see if i manage to get a look at them :)
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Anton unregistered
#3   12 Jul 2002
He-he. I'l try :)

There are another my maps here at LvL: chemical arena (#3), lava pit (#4), utopia (#2 - it's very open and very big..) (not reviewed yet - you can review it, if you want), and my latest - skytown (#5) (just submitted)

My main idea now - is to convert "Kokiri forest" area from Zelda64 into q3 map... I'm a big Zelda fan and always wanted to do something with this game. Now I translate this awesome game into russian.

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*papri-K* unregistered
#2   12 Jul 2002
glad you did not get annoyed by my comment, and as you say, I tried to be as honest as possible. I think you show good mapping skills though, so go ahead and give us a beta of your next idea :)
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Anton unregistered
#1   12 Jul 2002
papri-K, thanks for the honest review. I didn't expect, that this map will be very great.
But... This is my first try of making Q3 maps, and this map is a remake of my unfinished level for Q1.

And botplay are not reccomended here. I just forgot to say this in readme, sorry. Bots are extremely stupid here..

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