Murder Hole
Murder Hole by dONKEY
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scinia Rep. 15
#6   09 Aug 2018
The sky blends in well with the red
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dONKEY unregistered
#5   22 Sep 2009
hehe, I had forgotten this....was my very first map :)
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AEon Rep. 690
#4   21 Sep 2009
Cool design ideas, layout could also be fun, but everything is too cramped. You constantly get stuck, making it difficult to get a "nice" gameflow going. Probably more of a thrill, extremely-fast reflex stress-centered map? Not for old-timers, who like it a bit more "calm" and "controlled", IMO.
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hacene unregistered
#3   18 Jun 2008
very cool map
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Syabha unregistered
#2   01 Jun 2002

Pardon my french, nunuk!

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Syabha unregistered
#1   31 May 2002
Was this map in the nunnuk/sock

GeoComp2 ???

It could/should be..

a bit fun for 1v1. (For I only railgun)

A nice addition to the geo2comp maps ;)

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