Operation: Mark of the Beast
Operation: Mark of the Beast by RivrStyx
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themuffinator Rep. 988
#16   06 Mar 2014
@Comic: You need to run the map with a mod with multi-arena support (ie: CPMA, ExcessiveDawn or RA3).
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Comic unregistered
#15   05 Mar 2014
After adjusting hunkmegs, I was able to get into the map and walk around. Going back and forth between spectate and play, I was sometimes randomly put in different arenas of this map, but I never saw the arena of the screen shot shown here on ..::LvL. What is the trick to choosing the different arenas?
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2210
#14   18 Jul 2013
Doesn't even work in HUNT because it crashes 3 seconds after the map loads, and I don't play RA3 since I have nobody to play it with. Upon exploring the map however, I must admit the ambiance is terrific for its time, and considerable even now!

IMO its too bad it was wasted on Rocket Arena. My personal favorite part was the ghost of Xaero that vanishes upon being approached. Its like Herobrine!
Edited 5.75 minutes after the original posting.

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WhiteMagicRaven unregistered
#13   01 Mar 2013
What is Q3 Conversion mod for Star Trek Elite Force, cant find it =(
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FragTastic Rep. 2251
#12   12 Jan 2012
Looking at the screenshot i think the map should be good.
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Tig Rep. 1234
#11   13 Mar 2008
@Cendres: You will need to have the Rocket Arena 3 - rocketarena.planetquake.gamespy.com/ - or the CPMA - www.promode.org/ - mod to load this map from the menu system. This is not a standard DM map. You could load the level and walk around from the console without either of the mods, but you will also need to use devmap and noclip to move around the different parts.
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Cendres unregistered
#10   13 Mar 2008
It never loaded from skirmish menu, and I don't know why. How can I use the console?
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SKS.45 unregistered
#9   13 Feb 2005
Here I'am about three years later looking at this dumb thing .... Noone could ever take the time??? Gee thanks community members.
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ALS unregistered
#8   16 Jun 2002
Sorry, but this map is plain boring!
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SKS.45 unregistered
#7   16 Jun 2002
Oh Well :-( I hate getting launched into this GameSpy screen ..... So this map and the mod are going bye-bye :-(

Never could get the mod to work :-(

Delete....trash bin....delete file....yes.....whoooosh. It's gone :-(

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SKS.45 unregistered
#6   12 Jun 2002
I've never had RA#. I downloaded an 89mb file today. I put this map in the baseq3 folder... got launched into the #%*@!! Gamespy launch screen. Is the standard for RA3? Anyways, I can't see any RA3 maps in pic menu. I then typed the map name in manualy. I began at a screen showing Doom looking at me... then drops back to the options menu ????

I have the latest 1.31 point release etc. I set my hunkmegs to 96...as I've 128mb sdram. I then tried putting the map in the ra3 mod folder...somtimes that works on other maps...still nothing.

What am I doing wrong???

Frustrated, I copied the map into my Star Trek Voyager Elite Force directory using the Q3 conversion mod and the map loaded fine... but I couldn't use the transporters of course... only the ones within the same level worked. From what I could see, this is going to be a great map!

Can saomone give me a clue how to get this running on Quake 3.

Thanks :)


<a href="mailto:mcornett@olynet.com">mcornett@olynet.com</a>

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RivrStyx unregistered
#5   03 Jun 2002
seta com_hunkmegs "200" seta com_soundmegs "32"

seta com_zonemegs "32"

Try all of those

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macromp unregistered
#4   02 Jun 2002
tried that seta com_soundmegs thing but it still doesn't come on, help?
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dezperado unregistered
#3   19 May 2002
huge map!i spent 30 minutes visiting it..

i liked especially the church and that moving chair!

a lot of creativity in this map, maybe too much and at times chaotically placed.. but it's worth the download, good work RivrStyx!

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RivrStyx unregistered
#2   17 May 2002
Its the sounds. Need to set this.

seta com_soundmegs "16" or "32"

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not entered unregistered
#1   17 May 2002
my level loads then shuts down, whats wrong

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