Revenge Of Ra
Revenge Of Ra by macho
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Octovus unregistered
#3   29 Mar 2002
Nice map, though unfortunately clad in Sock's set - yet AGAIN! Arg. Started out badly but quickly got better. One texturing weird bit stood out in my mind - the broken alcove in one room (where you can climb the ruins) has the glowing light strip in it...were the ancients planning on the wall falling down? (Maybe it's supposed to be a secret room or something).

Play was drawn in towards the centre, but that map was designed that way, so it works. Bots were cooler than usual, making use of all the weapons available! MH was maybe a bit silly considering a 50h nearby; a powerup could have been fun, especially invis.



P.S. The constant blocky steps and trim that required jumps were very annoying, as were the non-clipped skull lamps near the shards...main reason for the "low" score

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nOt-killer unregistered
#2   28 Mar 2002
Yo doodz ! This map Rox0rz ! Really u shoud try it, this thing will easily beat ZTN.

-sice sem ji nikdy nehral, ale to neceksy mluvici lidi nemusej vedet :))

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macho unregistered
#1   27 Mar 2002
but the level is too small for TDM, so i didnt placed any TDM settings in it. if u wanna play TDM in this map simply try to replace MH with quad ;))
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