Forgivable Sins
by SLoB
Forgivable Sins by SLoB
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FragTastic Rep. 2343
#4   25 Feb 2012
Haha! An awesome chess board map :). Great idea.
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HarryBallzencock unregistered
#3   08 May 2010
What are the other maps but da chess one?
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SW12 unregistered
#2   08 May 2010
I haven't downloaded it(sorry) but I have seen the screenshot. Suggestion? Make a map that is a city map with incredible features. Maybe like buildings exploding(rocket explosions) and Trucks tipping over(using pendulum effect) Either that or a big spacefight that you can go inside moving spaceships. Something GRAND. Spectacular! That would get people to flock around you like crazy. At least me.
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SLoB unregistered
#1   09 Apr 2002
heh no comments?

was the map good/bad/indifferent?

what did you like most? what did you dislike etc?

some feedback as to what you liked best would be nice :)



oo thnx for taking the time to dl and check it out :)

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