Darkness of Christ
Darkness of Christ by ALMighty
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2342
#9   16 Jul 2011
Really nice aesthetics here. Remind ALMighty to keep up his work!
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dezperado unregistered
#8   08 May 2002
hello.. i liked a lot this map!
it's styled like i appreciate!

i would suggest :
more clip brushes in the caves, and i didn't like the lamp hanged in the big hall : every time i try to jump on the cross to take the red armour i get stuck in it!!
anyway, for me it's very juicy!

i gave 10 for raising the rating.. 8)

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<SuX0r> unregistered
#7   03 May 2002
Np, the map isn't bad anyways :). As PI said, it is a learning experience and getting just the right amount of imbalance in a tourney map is hard and takes practice and good beta testing. I'll keep an eye out for your next one in beta anyways (not saying that I would be producing good beta testing or anything :p). Cya!
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4LM05T unregistered
#6   01 May 2002
Thanks for the feedback SuX0r, it really means a lot hearing something positive (even for a bad map). Makes you want to map again :)

I might just make a revision of this map in the future, and fix some of the issues mentioned. It shouldn't be to hard.

Oh and BTW I've started working on a new map, in a completely different theme. This time I'll ask some people to beta test lol

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<SuX0r> unregistered
#5   22 Apr 2002
Oh yeah, gave it a 7. :p
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<SuX0r> unregistered
#4   22 Apr 2002
Hmmmm, reminds me a bit of "mice are blue" by Charon. Not in looks obviously but there is the same ease in controlling all the items but not the RG. Is a good map for playing against bots as they have silly enough RG accuracy to make a comeback or at least make you work for your win. Look forward to the next map as this one was nearly there and shows a lot of promise, is definately fun for a few games anyways. :)
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4LM05T unregistered
#3   27 Mar 2002
Yeah you're absolutely right on every point. I like you're review! I didn't expect to get that much attention for this map anyways since there's far better maps than this released every day...

Again, thanks for the review man, keep up the good work! :)

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Pure Imaginary unregistered
#2   23 Mar 2002
I tend to harp a bit on the negatives since my main goal is to help you see what needs to be fixed. I usually do not indicate how great the bridge is, or the mapper remembered to kill players that fall into the fog, even though they may land on a spike instead of on the bottom.

It is not a good or a bad map; It is a learning experience. If you do not see it yourself, I would say that the level is almost more of a single player map than a deathmatch level.

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4LM05T unregistered
#1   23 Mar 2002
Thanks LvL, nice review! I actually agree with it even if it was quite negative :)

Anyone else got any comments? Good/bad? I need all the help I can get lol

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