Kozmik SN4K3
Kozmik SN4K3 by dauqn
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Mapsking Rep. 371
#5   21 Sep 2020
We played this map in our family. With 6 players in FFA, it did not seem too crowded. Honestly, yes, you can fall off the platforms, but they were not so narrow it was really a problem. We had fun with the map, Everyone trying to get the BFG was a constant source of death, ha ha. It provides some good cross-map rail gun fighting, and the rocket launcher is nice with splash damage, so if you are not paying attention, you will be shot right off the platforms. In addition, the snake body platforms are not directly above and below each other, so you can easily jump to a lower platform from above.

The only real issue I noticed is that one of the weapon spawns seems like it should be a jumppad, like the other one that looks just like it, but it is not. It really feels like it should be, and I am not sure if it is a mistake, or intentional. Other than that, it was a fun map. I personally think about 5-7 players would be about perfect for it.

I like different and eclectic maps, and I recommend this one.

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FragTastic Rep. 2297
#4   22 Jan 2012
Very challenging.. My style! 10/10.
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<SuX0r> unregistered
#3   25 May 2002
No probs dauqn, I am currently putting comments on anything that comes into beta and some of the maps are a lot worse than this one when they come into beta :p. If you're making more maps I'll be happy to give you some feedback if you stick them in beta (all maps are worthy of being beta tested as that's the best way to improve them). Anyways, look forward to future work :p. Cya!
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dauqn unregistered
#2   24 May 2002
Thank you <SuX0r> putting comment as well as rating.

As you mentioned, it's really easy to fall and die. I agree with you about the width of the walkway.I didn't have careful plan before making this, so, in progress of work there occurred some unreasonable(undesirable but essential) places that is hard for me adapting to something balanced.

Now I regret not listening to people's suggestion like you.

On the other hand I did not think of my map as worthy of beta-testing.(o_O)


I apologize to tiger-on, fileplanet and those who had downloaded my map only to find sky texture is missing.

I know it's too late.

If you are still interested in, please visit my site to grab.


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<SuX0r> unregistered
#1   22 Apr 2002
I downloaded this map ages ago and I found it quite funny. The extensions should all have had pads to fire you back up to the top tho' as they aren't exactly clever places to hang around on. Maybe the walkway should have been a bit wider too as it's easy enough to fall anyways when ppl are shooting at you. Worth a look for any player with a (strange?) sense of humour :p. More silly maps pls! 8 from me 'cause the idea is cool.
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