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Deeper blue
Deeper blue by blemish
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FragTastic Rep. 1400
#12   07 Jan 2012
Intresting map but needs more work done.
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WangButter unregistered
#11   18 Mar 2002
Nice map, well constructed. My main comment is that there is a spot where you can rocketjump on top of the big curvy gazebo thingy (in one of the corners), although it requires a quad rj or a grenade rj.
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twistyQzS unregistered
#10   17 Mar 2002
OSPDM5 o/ :)
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Octovus unregistered
#9   16 Mar 2002
Interesting map. It seems a bit disorganised - as though one part was built completely seperately from the others, and then someone felt inspired to throw them together - in the style of mana Clan arenas...but that's not too bad. IP works nicely for the control aspect of TDM, though some would be fairly easy to take over. Flow is ok though lower parts of the map tend to get less action. 8/10


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macho unregistered
#8   16 Mar 2002
i think ospdm5 is excellent example of nice architecture (almost none curves) and excellent gameplay...

lots of useless curves in poq3dm5..imho

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twistyQzS unregistered
#7   16 Mar 2002
The reason I bring this up is because this map will be used for the EuroCup V TDM playoffs and for the Benelux Cup. On such a high level of skill people just don't want to have their FPS drop below 125... I used to play with eyecandy on and getting 50-100 fps, but since a couple of months I'm playing more competitively (only a little bit though ;)). It is (to my surprise) VERY noticable and annoying when your FPS drops below com_maxfps (125 ofcourse for reasons you know). When I walked into those area's I thought WTF? It's not like I play with cg_drawFPS 1 or something :) For casual players it doesn't matter at all, but it annoys the hell out of pro players (check <a href="www.clanbase.com" Target="_BLANK">www.clanbase.com</a> for comments). That doesn't mean it isn't a great TDM map, I just wish they would fix those 2 area's :)
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Pure Imaginary unregistered
#6   16 Mar 2002
Twisty does have a point. There are particular lines of sights a player can manage that do hit the rate pretty hard (I just never noticed since I had just upgraded my computer.) The rate actually falls lower than what you get in q3dm12. On a positive note, these areas do not have physics exploiting opportunities that make this FPS problem matter for the sake of getting to certain areas, but if you do have a p3 type of system, the smoothness of the framerate may actually bother you in at least the Quad room.
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Octovus unregistered
#5   15 Mar 2002
Oh, go to hell, twistyQzS. (Sorry - I really, really mean no offense, and it's not at all directed at you...but hearing someone say that their fps dropped below 125 and it's so horrible...magic number I guess, eh? :-) ) I will comment on this map, not gotten around to playing it yet...
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twistyQzS unregistered
#4   15 Mar 2002
The layout looks really cool to me, but WHY didn't they fix the FPS issues?! My FPS normally never drops down below 125, but I get slowdowns at the quad (remove the pillars and stuff) and the upper ya (remove all the arcs). For competitive play those two area's are NOT acceptable IHMO. If they would fix those it would be a really nice TDM map though :)
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SweepeR unregistered
#3   14 Mar 2002
Yah, it rocks. Tho I don't play much TDM =P
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Kessen unregistered
#2   13 Mar 2002
It is also played in :

<a href="leagues.barry...on=1&index=65" Target="_BLANK">leagues.barrysworld.net</a>

<a href="q3lfr.nofrag....endrier.php?lid=7" Target="_BLANK">q3lfr.nofrag.com</a>

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Kessen unregistered
#1   13 Mar 2002
<a href="www.clanbase....36632&lid=516" Target="_BLANK">www.clanbase.com</a>

PoQ3dm5 has just been chosen to be the 5th map in Eurocup (where the best european clans battle it out)


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