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The Department of Frag
The Department of Frag by keditok
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 4630
#5   26 Feb 2021
I would have given this a 3.5, I agree with the author about the looks, and on top of that items like MH (even the lg in terms of routing) are in very obscure places but the author has accommodated all TA game types and appears to have put quite a bit of thought into each one too (e.g. the location of the BS, and distribution of health in the bases does not favour either defensive or offensive strategies in overload).
Edited 12.75 hours after the original posting.
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hannibal unregistered
#4   14 Mar 2002
This is an 'oldie'. Grabbed it ages ago off of q3w I think. Not good for match play, but I gotta give Ked props for making the bot play reasonable. It is a sort of novelty map that you probably won't keep for long.
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C4T unregistered
#3   14 Mar 2002
A true masterpiece!
Tho T/arena sucks anyway :0
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Keditok unregistered
#2   13 Mar 2002
Wow, thanks for the review, and kind words. (Weren't too "harshish" on me. :D This was my first CTF map ever. I think through all thebetas, and, comments, the main problem was fps (frame rate).

I appreciate your honesty review, and yeah, it is definately a bitydifferent, but the game is still there, ;)

Definately different.

About the routes on the first comment, that's more about mapping isn't it? (Whoever you are?) :D

I did try to break the figure 8 classic CTF route ibn this map, with something slightly different. All the PATHS DO meet in the center, however (a la 8). And, on this map, there are three ways to the "cramped" flagroom. Yopull have to stay on your toes, but the large centeral area and slime could forgive defender mistakes. Atr least, I hope. ;)




(7) :p

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not entered unregistered
#1   13 Mar 2002
For CTF reviews some more specific information would be usefull, such as:
-how many routes between the 2 bases?
-how many entrys into the flag room?
-offense/defense aspects of the flag room / base?

Just a suggestion ;)

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