The Department of Frag
"The Department of Frag" by keditok

CTF map for 6-12 players, or for teams of 4-6 in either Q3A or Q3A:TA
All team gametypes in either Q3A, or Team Arena are FULLY supported!

This CTF map has really come a long way since, I started it back in early June of 2000. It is FINALLY ready to be called a final version, and I am happy to call it done. Without the countless efforts of the community, I don't believe, I would have ever finished this CTF map. Special thanks are in order for this, and I would like to thank, Sir Fragalot, Drunken Boxer, Ronin, Maj, S.P.o.G.'s, fatmanfat, claudec, snickelfritz, bushboy, toddg33, Paul Jaquays, mac, Lanzelot, KoTR_Ninja,, Casey, Astrocreep, Bill Brooks, Halflife Refugee, jimmy, kropke, Gangsta Poodle, Meatball402, Eatha, Hr.O, DaHat, STDGeneral. Also thanks for those who contributed at the Q3World message boards, id software, and everyone who took the time to download and help with the betas of this map.

All older betas of this map should be deleted to free system resources, and to ensure no missing textures. The map has been tested for TF and the new TA gametypes, but not for team ffa. It is there if you want it, however.


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March 23, 2001

Other works by the author include:

"k-za-cage", ffa for Q3A
"Beyond Infinite", ffa for Q3A
"Old Dog Dessert, bagman for Kingpin

Please do not distribute, "The Department of Frag" or any of my beta maps for commercial purposes without my consent.