by Bubo
Flashpoint by Bubo
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WesMan unregistered
#2   18 Mar 2002
I am new to level building, and seeing a good map like this coming from a first-timer really gives me confidence. Really great architecture for a first level, and the gameplay is very good. Like Mikko said, it's a great map for railgun fans. On the downside, the main outside area is a bit too big IMO as the rest of the level is fairly tightly-made. All-in-all, a great first level. Keep up the good work, Bubo. I enjoyed Flashpoint enough that I'm looking forward to your next level. 3/5
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Mikko unregistered
#1   13 Mar 2002
Inside areanas are a bit too big but that's a matter of opinion. A must have for railgun fans. 3/5
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