RUSKULL'S DOMAIN by Russell Challenger
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FragTastic Rep. 2343
#38   09 Mar 2012
The fog in this map looks outstanding :). I'm impressed :).
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2362
#37   13 Jun 2011
My favorite part was the low flying cloud in the sky.
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IK-NIN Rep. 10
#36   23 Jul 2006
I loved this map. It's very adventurous. I still have it. 9.
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Sir Frags A Lot unregistered
#35   03 Mar 2000
I have dl this map because i hear it's pretty good i must admit their right nice railgun place, nice place for the qaud

and the list goes on and on.Let me see I give it a 8 ok???

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Mr.CleaN unregistered
#34   27 Feb 2000
The Q3 engine will not allow recursive mirrors (mirrors that cen see each other). If it did, you could kiss your framerates goodbye. As it is, one mirror in an architecturally busy area will cause a pretty substantial performance hit (unless you're running a monster game rig)
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Russell Challenger unregistered
#33   25 Feb 2000
I see the comments have died down, but I'm glad most of you enjoyed the map. I tried the double mirror idea, but they all get screwed up when you put two or more mirrors that can see each other in some way. The cramped areas were actually useed to help cut

off the visuals from one side of the map to another, and in turn speed up the framerate. But all it did was slow down gameplay. There has not been a review that I didn't think was fair. Since it was my first attempt, I knew my second one would be better, so my additude was "keep moving! Get it done..". Now that I see that people liked it, I say "shit! I should've spent more time!". But, oh well. I'm working on two more simultaneously now. I'm not sure if I should concentrate on a DM

or CTF map. One thing's for sure, I'm going to add what I learned the first time around into the next project for sure. Thanks for the compliments, I always thought most custom Q3 maps lacked something in the original gameplay department, so my plan is to break that trend. Again, thanks for the compliments, I owe you all something really good.

Agree (0) or Disagree (0) unregistered
#32   25 Feb 2000
(smacks self in head) Yeah, i guess you have a point with the mirrors. im so stupid. Anyway... how about one huge mirrored wall, floor, or ceiling, you have to admit that would be pretty neat.

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Sky - Mawbsta]CWA[ unregistered
#31   24 Feb 2000
Mirrors don't reflect well into one another - don't ask me Have got great responses from you soldiers on Cwa smackdown - - keep it up
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Sky - Mawbsta]CWA[ unregistered
#30   24 Feb 2000
Mirrors don't reflect well into one another - don't ask me Have go great response from you soldiers on Cwa smackdown - - keep it up
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NattyDread unregistered
#29   23 Feb 2000
Yes, bad frame rate on mine p 350/voodoo2 wicked drivers, 15 in places but it was still fun and playable , lots of cool ideas that maybe should have been spread through a couple of maps instead of using them all in one, also you can see out of the top when you get right up the top of the map, otherwise a greaqt effort, whens ya next one??
Agree (0) or Disagree (0) unregistered
#28   23 Feb 2000
a few more things i forgot to mention...

I couldn't get this map to load from skirmish at first. then i noticed that pure server was on. I had to take it off to get it to load. might be useful

Also, Sarge bot likes to stand in one tunnel for sometimes 5 minutes at a time, then mock me for taking so long to find him. So when i round the corner, he is either looking in the other direction, or pelting me with the shotgun. What a dope.

Agree (0) or Disagree (0) unregistered
#27   23 Feb 2000
Yo, this map owns. What a great map. This map kicks ass.

... did I mention that I like the map yet?? Anyway, just a few things I'd like to point out:

  1. I too seem to be missing a texture (top level, above the water, in the t'rock formation). What's the deal with that? I have the threewave maps so that can't be it. anyway...
  1. That spiral staircase below the pinball pads is way to damn easy to fall off of (unless you creep down it, making yourselve vulnerable to anyone sniping that spot), your momementum carries you right off the end and into the fogpit.
I guess that's really all the problems I've run into so far and i've been playing this map non stop.

Great use of lighting, textures, all that. I especially like the mirror/invisibility/grenade trap. That is just amazing. I freaked out the first time i tried to get past that damn mirror. haha.

I also have a request to all you mapmakers out there: UTILIZE THE MIRRORS MORE! Wouldn't a level comprised of mostly mirrors kick some serious ass?! At least for those of us fortunate to have a high end system (leasing). Think about it.

I don't have any slowdown on this level either. P3 550 128ram voodoo3. Gimme some mirror levels!!!

Anyway, awesome map, keep it up, this one blew me away. It gets a 9.5!

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not entered unregistered
#26   23 Feb 2000
Needs some work in the r_speed department
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d3f3nd3r unregistered
#25   22 Feb 2000
This level is pretty cool, there are some really interesting things going on visually, and can be fun to play, however if anyone sees you running into the small areas you're dead, basically the railgun tower is the best place to be IMHO. I don't find it to run too slow on my system (K6-2 333 GeForce).

Also, I wonder what is going on with the mirror effect in this level that it doesn't slow my system down at all, however on any other level the mirror and portal effects cause my system to halt for about half a second. Anyone?

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Siggie Balls unregistered
#24   22 Feb 2000
Don't forget to vote... If you take the time to write a review... then vote man... VOTE!!!
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Dyslexic unregistered
#23   22 Feb 2000
Hrm...ok..Good map, nice flow, had fun with the bots. A couple things plauge me though. For some reason, I am missing the texture where the Regen is, does anyone else have this problem? Also, it could have used some player testing, i.e., you can jump from the sniper post to the side wall, (in which the screen gets blurred because of the sky), and jump straight into the Quad tunnel. There are seams all over the place, and some curves look a little off. That's just me being nitpicky though, I really do enjoy the level...EXTREMELY fun to play...keep up the good work.
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Dreadknotts unregistered
#22   22 Feb 2000
Sup ya'll...
Of the 5 levels on this page... Ruskull's reigns supreme... It's an oldschool shoot em up.]


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Dubintime unregistered
#21   22 Feb 2000
Yeah, I got smoked by them bots...

no wait, I got dubbed.

Great level tho - except for one thing... guess you'll have to play it.

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NattyDread unregistered
#20   22 Feb 2000
sounds cool ill try i5t and get back to ya , love those fog levels, i'v got P-II 350 voodoo 2 so it may be slow ill let you know .
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Sky - Mawbsta ]CWA[ unregistered
#19   22 Feb 2000
If you guys want to play this map on a server, then go to CWA Smackdown at and play. If you dont find it in the rotation, there is an ICQ number listed on the server.

Good job Rusk! Open a Can of Whoop ASSand stuff em in it.

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Twitchfactor unregistered
#18   22 Feb 2000
I play with EVERYTHING on and MAX.

It crawls (avg. 11fps) when I'm looking out at the main courtyard.

AMD K62-450/128ram/32 TNT2-Ultra.

Corridoors are small, and cramped.

Construction doesn't seem uniformed.

The jump to the quad is awkward. You can get to the Sonic-Pinball pad that's supposed to send you to the quad from the spiral staircase, but it won't properly send you into the tunnel. Frustrating.

I like the inviso/mirror thing.

Keep at it, and make the next one bigger.

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AssBall unregistered
#17   22 Feb 2000
After playing this map I thought: if nothing else it really has a great feel to it. After one figures out the jump pads it flows pretty well. I thought Russell had excellent use of textures. No surface seems out of place. Overall I think this is a great medium sized DM map.
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Tensun unregistered
#16   22 Feb 2000
i got an idea
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[-V1Ru5-] unregistered
#15   21 Feb 2000
Yes this was a good map but i found to many super small hallways. Seemed like winding cracks like caves. But other then that its a real nice first map . Good job Russ.
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Timothy11 BlacK unregistered
#14   21 Feb 2000
hey Busta Cap,do you even know how to put the q3 disc in your comp?nevermind.......This map is one of the few amazing new maps for q3!!!
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GrafxMan unregistered
#13   21 Feb 2000
Go ruskull! The map rocks, for a first map this is awsome, I cant wait to see what you come up with next. :)
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jon unregistered
#12   21 Feb 2000
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Kancer unregistered
#11   21 Feb 2000
This map kicks some ass! How about a CTF map next Russell??
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Jimmy unregistered
#10   21 Feb 2000
very nice!..quite scenic ..and great architecture..and in my opinion in plays well too..I don't know what he's talking about with the framerate issue..framerate always stayed fine on my P2 450 128mb and voodoo 3 3000...

Make some more maps!..and post them here..

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Hightop conversive unregistered
#9   21 Feb 2000
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illSKILLZbillz unregistered
#8   21 Feb 2000
I run the world

and while relaxing I play this level.

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Busta Cap unregistered
#7   21 Feb 2000
You gots to be kidding this brotha

I have played every level you can think of... True I gots a GeForce but I ran this bitch all over my PC. No probz. This level is without a doubt - ill

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Low Ammo Warning unregistered
#6   21 Feb 2000
If this is his first map.... oh shit, then I am in trouble.
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G-monies unregistered
#5   21 Feb 2000
Dope. Fog, jumping pad, sniper post, lava, mirrors, automatic grenade trap... nuff said :]

Ran fine on my P2 400 Asus TnT2

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Never unregistered
#4   21 Feb 2000
I can't believe you gave this level a "so-so" review... If it slows down on your system you must be running a 233mmx...

The other levels in this review must have taken a whole 5 minutes to make. Ruskull's level has everything you need to sustain hours of gameplay. Did you even play it LvL?

No offence but you have to spend more time on the good ones.

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d3f3nd3r unregistered
#3   21 Feb 2000
Yeah, speaking of machines, I was wondering what kind of machine you had Tigger? Because then I can know what you mean when you say 'the framerate got a bit low in parts'! ;)
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stecki unregistered
#2   21 Feb 2000
i am the radiskull, i will kill you one by one.
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RedFive unregistered
#1   21 Feb 2000
If the map gets unplayable on Tigger-oN's machine, then I can bet my C400 will completely stop! But this is what i've been waiting for, a damn foggy map! I want to see more of 'em !!!
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