q3jdm9 by FxR|jude
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Neon_Knight Rep. 244
#24   23 Feb 2014
Saw this one in the Arenas webseries, heh.
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syabha unregistered
#23   24 Apr 2004
2004 - the map still stands out!!!
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The Hubster unregistered
#22   21 Nov 2002
More than 2 years on, and I should have voted for it ages ago, but what the hell... a 10, and not because Im remixing it, but because its one of my fave maps of all time:-))
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cin unregistered
#21   19 Dec 2000
Its another Jude map, spawn rape-age ahoy!

WD mate. :)

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Sundown unregistered
#20   29 Feb 2000
This could become a classic 1v1 map--that's where its tactical bouquet can really be smelt. Will be playin' this with my buds for a long while. If this level was dressed up with better visuals, would be a top-tier killing zone.
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AssBall unregistered
#19   29 Feb 2000
You suck fuck. This map is great for 1v1 or 3 person FFA.
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Ogre unregistered
#18   21 Feb 2000
this map sucks fuck!
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AssBall unregistered
#17   20 Feb 2000
Pretty good... a little bland but otherwise having good flow and excellent connectivity. Some of the textures could have been a little nicer/more varied, but a decent map overall.
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pjw unregistered
#16   20 Feb 2000
cool . . . thanx for fixing the floor :-) The more I play this map, the more I like it. I think it's in the top Q3 maps out there (at least for 1v1). I especially like the light patterns that the lava makes through the grilled floor--nice. 8 out of 10.
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Raven unregistered
#15   20 Feb 2000
If you haven't already, also check out Q3jdm8a by Fxrjude, he's given the addie down below. It rocks also, probably even more so than Q3jdm9, IMO.
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smeghead unregistered
#14   20 Feb 2000
I played this map a bit and I have to say it is pretty good.

I thought that the texturing was a bit drab, but the layout was cool and I liked the fact that it is fairly vertical and not flat. Only other thing that kind of bothered me..and this is a style/personal choice issue...was that some of the walkways and platforms seemed too thin.

Overall pretty good map..and I look forward to see what else jude has up his sleeve.. :)

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#13   19 Feb 2000
I've updated the .zip file to the new version, i suggest ppl grab it
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BAD unregistered
#12   19 Feb 2000
Man i love this map!!! Its fast paced, great for 1 on 1, and is the best i have ever played. The bots work awesome on it, and its good for people with low end pc's!!! Kepp up the awesome work jude!
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RedFive unregistered
#11   19 Feb 2000
Ok, i admit it, I'm a small map 1-on-1 freak! So of course I love this map! It may be a bit plain but I really like the fast gameplay.
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FxR|jude unregistered
#10   19 Feb 2000
I did it again - that last post was by me.
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not entered unregistered
#9   19 Feb 2000
Thanks again for the comments :)

pjw - you were right, i actually had two areas where you could sink throught the floor and fall out of the map, but i only fixed one (the one i thought you were referring to). URL of the (definately) fixed version is fxr.qgl.org/jude/q3jdm9.zip

oh yeah, run this map in lightmap.. lightmap looks 50 times better than vertex. pity it's so slow :/ Map definately plays better in duel... i played it in FFA.. not as good as i would have hoped.

And for those people who had a look at q3jdm8 recently, iv'e also re-done that with most (if not all) the suggestions people had.


for the aussies out there, there's a server with these maps on rotation thanks to QGL - :)

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Neville Mc Neville unregistered
#8   19 Feb 2000
This map is reminiscent of many styles of gameplay, I find it perfect for tense 'must hit' rail fighting and also very important use of the shaft and rl is needed, I thought the item placement was good perhaps some more shards or the like but its a nice balance, not overdone such as wacking a Red Armor here and wacking a Mega there like Ztn's beatbox.

Visually this map is impressive, with very nice lighting and good running speeds suprising lacking curves but this isn't really an issue. With a little more refinement I think a definite stayer as a tourney map, this map has great potential!

Another quality map review, brought to you by:-

Neville Mc Neville the Level Devil

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Mandog unregistered
#7   19 Feb 2000
I think its wild when people give a review of a map based on the screen shot
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Timothy 11 BlacK unregistered
#6   19 Feb 2000
This map is sweet!Cool layout and design,but visually is very boring in most areas.Besides this,it's definately a keeper on my hd!

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FaT! unregistered
#5   19 Feb 2000
I haven't downloaded it yet, but as I can see on the screenshot the map has a pretty good architecture and lighting. I think it can be a pretty good duel map but for ffa I think it sucks, because there aint a lot of space to walk on and I don't see a lot of items in the mid-field. It's a very good map, FxR|jude go on with map-making!
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Kancer unregistered
#4   19 Feb 2000
I agree guys. This map has to grow on you. Some might not like it but I suggest giving it a try first. It's not perfect but it's real close.
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Raven unregistered
#3   18 Feb 2000
I don't mind the map at all, when I first played it, a while back, something seemed a bit strange ( just not familiar with the layout I guess) but after a while I began to enjoy it. The map looks good enough, I get a good game out of it with the Bot's. Sure it's not as good as some, but it's a lot better than some to. I decided to keep it, so, to me it's better than all those maps I deleted. Like the jump pad where you get three choices of landinds.
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pjw unregistered
#2   18 Feb 2000
I actually think this map is very cool and has a really different feel from most of the Q3A maps out there. I would probably rate it as a 7 or 8, except that it's possible to fall completely out of the map in the corner by the grenade launcher.

I e-mailed the author re: this problem and was told "Oh, you must have dl'ed it right before I fixed that, try again." but alas, it's still there. It's a very fun map to play . . . PLEASE FIX THE FRIKKING HOLE IN THE FLOOR!! :-)

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|a|JayDee unregistered
#1   18 Feb 2000
You were way too hard on this map man. The item placement is a bit off but other than that, the map completely ownz. It is also really fun to play on, and looks beautiful in lightmap mode, which are two very big +'s. With a little item placment re-work, this map could very well be a long lasting map. Its hella better than all the id tourney maps, thats for sure.
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