Funk dat!
Funk dat! by Quakeulf
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Random Ivar unregistered
#5   19 Feb 2002
A little bird told me that this map holds the current record for jumppads in a CTF-map... :)
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Tetzlaff unregistered
#4   10 Feb 2002
Hey you are right Octovus! :) There is a 3rd one-way jump pad in each base, leading from the upper midfield to the highest level, right into that section that is called Bonus Corridor.

There is an great ammount of detail like never seen before in an Q3 industrial map, very cool.

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Octovus unregistered
#3   10 Feb 2002
Tetzlaff, I'm 99% sure it's three. One in the regen area and two on either side of another section, which I guess is the only part you're thinking of (?).

I may be wrong but I'm pretty darn sure.


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Tetzlaff unregistered
#2   10 Feb 2002
I only know the Threewave version, but I guess it´s basicly the same :)

Very interesting and original map, but the layout took a unusual long time to learn... I still get confused in the railgun area. But the lowest level is very clear (almost straight forward from base to base), so you can always take tis route when the others are to maze-like.

Octovus: there are only 2 "bouncepads of no return" on each side, so that´s not to many IMO. They are also an intersting trick to get players on the upper levels to the rare used sections of the map.

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Octovus unregistered
#1   07 Feb 2002
The bias to defence is true enough; however, it is only really present in the flag room, the natural choke point. An extra bounce pad back up from the lower "pit" could really have helped, as it is defence can bounce enemies into there to finish them off. The layout is like a simpler threewave map (in the compilation pak as it is), and everyone knows that's far from simple. Nonetheless it won't take you too long to figure out; it will take you a grand total of twenty seconds to figure out what the bots do, as they come in multiple routes but never bother exiting through anything but the main low route.

Weaponry and powerups are scattered nicely throughout the bases. There are perhaps a few too many "bouncepads of no return", where a door closes behind you as you bounce up. Teleporters could have replaced one or two of these. Tight staircases and hallways in general make for a splash damage lovers dream (especially grenades, since you have to be within line of sight for rockets) and perhaps add to this defensive bias. Traditional mid-level quad makes for a bit of battle for middleground, although more action occurs in the bases.

You can definitely see why it made the pak (unlike the author, apparently); get it if you enjoy CTF at all.


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