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Funk dat!
--------------------------------------------- | Readme version 1.2 | | for: | | Funk dat! | | -by Quakeulf | |___________________________________________| Date: 2nd of December 2001 A Tourney/DM map. ============================================= Author and stuff ============================================= Title: Funk dat! File: hrewty3ctf1.pk3 Author: Quakeulf (aka Hrewty) E-mail address: **email removed** URL: hjem.sol.no/hrewty www.geocities.com/hrewty www.lvlseek.net/~quakeulf Description: An underground CTF-map with some sliding doors here and there. Much attention has been made to the placement of the flags. You have no chance of survival, make your time. ============================================= Play information ============================================= Skills 0,1,2,3: No Tourney: No Deathmatch: No CTF: Yes Bot File (AAS): Yes Bots currently used: Standard by game New sounds: No New graphics: Yes New music: No Weapons: Shotgun, Rocket Launcher, Lightinggun, Plasmagun, Grenadelauncher and Railgun Armory: Yellow armor Fraglimit: None How to use: -Place the hrewty3ctf1.pk3 in your \baseq3\ folder -Start the game -Choose Skirmish -Select it from CTF -Set Pure mode off In the console,type sv_pure 0 -And enjoy while it lasts :) ============================================== Technical stuff ============================================== Build time: About some months now due to school Editor used: GTKRadiant by the community for the community Other programs: Photoshop 5.5 www.adobe.com Compile time: Approx. two hours Known bugs: -Sound will not play in the red base. This has something to do with clusterportals. Bug fixes: -Some overlapping brushes. -A light got placed wrong. -Textures got replaced and made to fit. =============================================== Thanks to..... =============================================== ...Casey, Scancode, and everyone at the 3W-team for including this map in their Threewave compilationpak 2! But why did you do it? I feel my map wasn`t good enough... ...my sweet, little guinea pig! He`s the cutest little creature ever to roam this planet! ...Japanese comics and animation! Along with mapping, it made me a better human. (Or so, it seems.) ...To all the people at Q3W for testing this map and giving me feedback! What wouldn`t I be without you. :) =============================================== Legal muff-diving =============================================== Quake III Arena is a registered trademark of id Software, Inc. Copyright (c) and stuff,Hrewty the year 2001. This level is free,DO NOT CHARGE MONEY FOR IT OR ELSE I WILL COME TO YOUR HOUSE AND VIOLATE EVERY RULE IN THE BOOK OF LAWS! WITH YOU AS THE SUBJECT! Please do not modify, and do have a nice day. :)
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