CTF1 for www.fpp.pl
CTF1 for www.fpp.pl by Knight Lore''FC
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6308
#2   06 Feb 2021
while I agree with some of the reviewers comments (no fall) here is where I think the gameplay is ultimately let down: 1. the health needed to be more widely distributed (especially around the entrance and exit areas) and not pushed off to the outer edges. 2. there needed to be more than one exit (and even entrance) path to the bases, and 3. a space map (especially a ctf one) really benefits from having personal teleports as power-ups. if anything, I wish some of the areas of the bases hadn't been clipped off. Nevertheless, I liked the overall idea behind the bases and playing posed some interesting challenges. It's small size is also a strength in this day and age. I'm gonna hang onto this, and even try tweaking it with the Diablo editor some time this year.
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loke unregistered
#1   05 Aug 2002
this first time i am seeing this i will report about it later, i had tried it
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