The Japanese Gardens
The Japanese Gardens by Devlin
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2169
#6   28 Jan 2012
It is a Urban Terror map. There is no bot support.

In fact, if there was bot support for UT, I probably wouldn't have deleted that mod.

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FragTastic Rep. 2221
#5   09 Jan 2012
Wow! It looks wonderful. I hope it has bot support.
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devlin unregistered
#4   21 Jan 2002
the 3rd party maps you're referring to are those of the mapping contest ( i didnt participate) and were published in a pack by sid. As for mapping for ut, I'm switching to wolf. More candy :)
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MajorDick unregistered
#3   18 Jan 2002
I have been running into a lot more third party maps on servers over the last few weeks. And it kinda sucks caus I dont have most of the maps yet! But I D/Lnem now. As for the chello server, thanx, but I do try to avoid oversea servers due to the fact I'm on 56K, but if I happen to see a few high pings there I'll jump in.
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devlin unregistered
#2   18 Jan 2002
never mind :) I am still thinking about a second version though. Dutch chello servers have the map running often. With urban terrror, most 3rd party maps are hardly ut mappers frustration ofcourse...

thanks for picking me out of the crowd


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MajorDick unregistered
#1   17 Jan 2002
Oops, I made a goof. This map IS featured on the Urban Terror websites map section (its almost at the bottom), sorry Devlin. Hope To see this map in action soon.
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