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The Japanese Gardens
The Japanse Gardens,aka The Gardens of Death, by Devlin _______________________________________________________________________________ NOTE: THIS IS THE SECOND, COMPLETELY REBUILD VERSION BY DEVLIN ================================================================================ * Urban Terror Level * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Title : The Japanese Gardens Filename : ut_japangarden Author : Jobson Devlin Date : 22/7/01 E-mail address : **email removed** / **email removed** Homepage URL : www.hells-gat...art/index_ie.html -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Level Description * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to the Japanse Gardens..You can improve you skills by mastering zen in the dojos, improve your concentration by ordering the gravel fields or enjoy the silence in the gardens. Or... you could go to the dojo and fight in "matrix" style on the tatami floor. HAI! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Single Player : no.. or if you prefer bots Gamemodes : FFA, TP DM, TP Survivor, Follow the Leader, CAH, CTF Suggested player load : upto 24 New Textures : yes New Sounds : yes -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Construction * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Map Base : scratch, study from japangarden the first version Prefabs used : seperate buildings modelled, imported into the map Mapobjects used : all by devlin, accept flame torch by IdSoftware Editor used : qradiant 202 Other utilities used : milkshape, photoshop, 3dsmax, genterra Known Bugs : none so far, accept some low fsp on slow systems buy a geforce and welcome to the 21st century :P Compile machine : p3 1ghz, 256 mb ram. (thanks lod!) BUILD time : about 80-100 hrs... lost count :) Compile time : 18hrs Total Brushes : 2538 (not bad huh!) I caulked my ass off! Textures : All by Devlin, accept 2 by Gizmo, 4 by Id Software Apologize to Id Software for including the q3 textures, would like to replace them in the future. Done to ensure the map runs fine. DM spawns : 6 TP spawns : 32 CAH capturepoints : 5 Locations : about 10-12 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * OTHER LEVELS BY THE AUTHOR * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kriegerhorn On program & Release: Q3Zaak mod Snowcity Ut_chateau -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * CREDITS * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lord of Doom:for all feedback,testing and compiling! And all the management work... good job mate! Kaz: Hehhehehe, we rock! Exe. : for info and testing, you cannot beat me hahahhaahah j/k! SID: Oswald --> thkz for comments/action fix SID: Wetwired and Nrgizer for their feedback, testing SID: Tub, by providing me essential knowledge...wish I could buy you a beer! Mike Burbidge aka Gizmo for an original idea...(but i started before the TA version!) Players who commented @ the comm.development section/ level design forum The qv guys @ italy..and buff @ ngi...nice fights guys ;) hope to meet you inside this level :) Leo>> PIZZA! Many thanks to the guy who made the nate-leaf..Nathan Silvers ================================================================================ * COPYRIGHT / PERMISSIONS * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Authors MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels. This map MAY NOT be sold, or in any other way turn into profit for any other person than the author. This map MAY be distributed on any media as long as this media is distributed freely without anyone having to pay for it. This level is designed for the Quake 3 Total Conversion "Urban Terror" and is not to be used, replicated or edited for any other Mod, Total Conversion, Game or Game Engine. So stick to that :P ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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