Deimos by Jax_Gator
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PHOB unregistered
#10   22 Mar 2013
N1 Hero
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Nitebeat unregistered
#9   14 May 2003
Fuck.. this map is this old?


Nice map, well connected, steady action. Nice extras, touches. This level is a keeper.

Most action takes place in .. 2 areas of the levels. Others feel a bit "empty", but that's ok.

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Commander Keen unregistered
#8   07 Jan 2002
Almost a Keeper? It's been on my HDD for almost 6 months catch up d00dz!

this is a very cool map go for the quad I dare ya!

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hannibal unregistered
#7   04 Jan 2002
Well as FFA maps go, its not too bad...but not really a keeper--unless you get more enjoyment out of 'atmosphere' than gameplay (and it is quite nice in that respect). For FFA play, Jax's Kiss of Death is a better map.
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Octovus unregistered
#6   03 Jan 2002
Jesus this map is old. Oh well. It's still fun! Definitely nice to hear it's getting played, I personally don't have the time to take custom maps online...but hey great if you can. This map certainly deserves it; nice atmosphere, item placement, and layout. Gator's later map's are distinctly better in my opinion but that says more about the quality of his current maps than those of his older ones! Check it out.

8 from me, but it's a 7 compared to some of his other maps.


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RuCk unregistered
#5   03 Jan 2002
great map...good connectivity, flow, item placement and atmosphere...what else do you need?
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minbari73 unregistered
#4   02 Jan 2002
Like the enigma map above this map rids the 'skirmish' section of the q3a menu of all available levels.
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Taz_FL unregistered
#3   02 Jan 2002
Deimos has recieved allot of game play on the Burial Grounds server, it's a great map. personally I love playing this map,always fast,always fun....and if you know where to step (figure it out) you can surprise the hell out of someone trying to grab the Quad.
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sc4ry unregistered
#2   02 Jan 2002
I play this map at BG all the time and is one o my favorites... It's an awesome map, as all of Jax's maps are.
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^^Ch@os^^ unregistered
#1   02 Jan 2002
Bout time this map gets a review. Too bad Tig is too busy to keep up :(

Anyway, this map is good fun. Jax has released 3 maps since this one though........

If you want to check it out on a server, try Burial Grounds and callvote it in.

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