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================================================================ Title: Deimos BSP name: jaxdm5.bsp Author: David "Jax_Gator" Cherry Release date: June 24, 2001 Email address: **email removed** Home page: www.burial-grounds.com/swamp Game: Quake 3 Arena FFA File size: 3,350 KB Description: A medium sized map (4-6 players). The setting is a mining facility on the Martian moon Deimos. Thanks to: Evil_Lair for the majority of textures in this map and also the generator and teleporter models Bal for his dirt/rock texture Krash for the spark texture Imois for the Particle Studio tool Death2Uall for the electricity sound Old WARRIOR for naming the map The Stranger for the control room idea Rroff for the QD room idea -BiO- for the moving hoist and sparks ideas Sock for the skybox Robert Duffy for Q3radiant. id for the quake series. BETA/PLAY TESTING: Old WARRIOR -BiO- Taz_FL Devil N Rroff Commander Keen The Stranger ^^Ch@os^^ >WEAT< XIXUNG 20 20 WiccanHP Quad_Bait Idaho Semirage Lloyd M tlg|BulleT keditok scancode Finko Imois QkennyQ Anwulf Previous work : jaxdm1 - (un-released re-make of Q1 House of Chnton) jaxdm2 - Re-Gib Colesium jaxdm3 - House of Shannara jaxdm4 - Burial Grounds ================================================================ * MAP Information * New textures: All new textures courtesy Evil_Lair except spark texture - Krash and rock texture modified by me - Bal New sounds: Electricity - Death2Uall New models: Generator - Evil_Lair Teleporters - Evil_Lair ================================================================ * Construction * Base: From scratch Const. time: 1 month Compile machine: P3 500mhz, 192mb RAM Compile time: BSP - 17 seconds VIS - 1 minute 8 seconds LIGHT - 8 hours 21 minutes 4 seconds (fullvis -light -extra -patchshadows) Editor used: q3radiant v2.02 Other programs: Q3 Map Explorer v1.3 Particle Studio - www.quake3stuff.com/freebrief Known Bugs: None known. Email me if you find any. ================================================================ * Distribution / Copyright / Permissions * Quake III Arena is a registered trademark of id Software, Inc. Any commercial use without permission is prohibited. Authors MAY NOT decompile the BSP as a base to build additional levels. Authors MAY use the included custom textures & shaders, or modifications thereof, provided they give note of original author in an attached readme. You MAY distribute this pak file and/or its contents by any electronic means, provided you leave the contents unaltered and include this text file.
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