Screenshot for ColdWar[TA] by sedric
Added: 15 Dec, 2001   More than 15 years old
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01 Mar 2018
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27 Apr 2012
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Hmm, much small for terrain map... The original mpterra# maps are better than this one because bigger... This release looks like reduced mpterra2, gets boring after few minutes... 7.5/10
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04 Jan 2004
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I played this one on a LAN lately. It took us about 6 hours to get away from it again (TA). This map is well balanced, even if it could use some more health when played 6on6.

Nice work!

...a must have.
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19 Dec 2001
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A welcome addition, great looks, but gameplay seems to be unbalanced. Can't really say yet, not enough humans out there playing it yet.
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17 Dec 2001
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I love the great architecture and athmosphere of the map! Asymmetric layouts are always interesting because they are so damn rare in Q3 CTF, but I still have no opinion about balance and gameplay, because I had no chance to play it against human players.
BTW, I noticed that it plays well with a grapple CTF mod.
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15 Dec 2001
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Did a review of the CTF version of this, and I stand by my comments, though TA item placement might change it a bit. However, I can see that Harvester and One Flag might work quite well with different bases; I'd grab it if I had TA installed...

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