Discontent by Kamarov
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raspatan Rep. 4502
#24   27 Sep 2020
Tons of fun on this one. Gorgeously done too. The connectivity is so smart. Love the position of the RG. A keeper!
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FragTastic Rep. 2297
#23   07 Jan 2012
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6308
#22   20 Jun 2009
a visually attractive map but the symmetrical layout and nearly symmetrical item placement completely kills it for me. an abundance of lg ammo that I imagine is meant to encourage this weapon's use in keeping with the icy theme. thin on health that could be better spread out. The mirror section of the pg room has nothing but ammo in it. I would have placed a gl here. Not enough spawn locations and they could have done with 1 or two in the upper area as well as more down below. But the ones that are there are well-placed and well-covered to allow players access to several areas. It's basically either a run between the rg and ya to control the top of the map, or a straight run along a T-junction below btw the rl and other ya with the lg and sg flanking either side. the pads and stairs sections on either side are there to regroup and recover. looks great but I personally find the gameplay here a tad boring. I think a mod would help a lot to make this fun.
Edited 4053.58 days after the original posting.
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VanZeR** unregistered
#21   25 Dec 2002
some nice work here
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snot unregistered
#20   27 Feb 2002
very nice map ... cool textures ... not for tourney thou imo...

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Tannosaurous Rex unregistered
#19   18 Jan 2002
This is an excellent map and I play it daily. The only disappointment I have in it at all is that there are no beans. But this astonishing lack of beans does nothing to take away from game play.
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Dru unregistered
#18   24 Nov 2001
Cory has talent... :)
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koZmiQ unregistered
#17   23 Nov 2001
!!!!!!!!!!IM EXCITED!!!!!!!!!


Excellent Map, nice visuals, Groovy.

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Tyre unregistered
#16   23 Nov 2001
Very pretty and no mistake. But you do need more than 3 players and I'm inclined to agree with Grudge.
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Darkadept unregistered
#15   22 Nov 2001
This by far takes the monkey out of the sack and runs him naked around the room screaming "eep eep" while circus carnies ride wet hippopotami through the dense jungle on a rainy sunday afternoon.

And don't forget the sack of turtles.

And .. what? .. I'm supposed to comment on the LEVEL?? Ohhhhh. hah ahah .ha .. ha.... IT ROCKED. winks go out to corkles

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ZRt unregistered
#14   22 Nov 2001
Nice I like it ;)
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Cheese Guido unregistered
#13   22 Nov 2001
I think I need Big Kev's Goo Remover.
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OverKill unregistered
#12   21 Nov 2001
Nice map awesome im exited big kev ...:)
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Octovus unregistered
#11   21 Nov 2001
Dunno about well used but that makes sense...in which case, this is certainly a big embarassment :-p
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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#10   21 Nov 2001
Sweet map. Nice textures, excellent brushwork....a piece of art to be sure.

Nice job. I gave it a 10.

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NitroX unregistered
#9   21 Nov 2001
Very cool level. Nice layout of weapons and a nice change from the dark red and brown levels that are common to Quake 3. I especially liked the placement of the Rocket Launcher because you will want to get it but you might take a dive so some exciting battles could go on there.
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Pinky unregistered
#8   21 Nov 2001
This level gives me a chubby just looking at it.
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Kell unregistered
#7   21 Nov 2001
"an embarrassment of riches" is a well used phrase meaning an overabundance of something valued. It's maybe a bit literary or dated.
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Bruce unregistered
#6   21 Nov 2001
Not only is it visually pleasing, but it's also perfectly balanced.
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not entered unregistered
#5   21 Nov 2001
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Grudge unregistered
#4   21 Nov 2001
Kell, don't you mean "embazzlement" (or however it's spelled)? ;]

Well, this map is beautiful, and very atmospheric, but I have a few reservations. It feels like if you're only 2-3 players it's a little "empty" (you keep running around a lot looking for someone to shoot), and if you're 4-6 players there doesn't seem to be enough items (weapons/armour/health) to keep the action going. You're almost instantly spawn-raped all the time. A few more weapons and more armour shards and health would be great.

// Grudge

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Jif unregistered
#3   21 Nov 2001
Sweet map, great theme, and plays great too. Love it.
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not entered unregistered
#2   21 Nov 2001
one word: beautiful
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Octovus unregistered
#1   20 Nov 2001
Nice stuff. Played it long ago, and was upset when I heard Fresh Team disbanded - but had no idea the two were linked. Yes, I read readmes. I guess my memory wasn't that good.

Anyways, it's very nice looking and low end machines still won't have real problems unless (a) 3 or more people actively fighting eachother in the pit room or (b) looking down into the pit, and what would you do that for anyways? Someone will shoot you in no doubt.

I don't really know why those framerate issues are there in that place...oh well. It plays very nicely and works as a tourney, but as Kell said it gets lonely.

I had a question for the reviewer. Your vocabulary is most impressive but "embarassment" hardly seems the right word for something you want to praise. If you mean it makes others look embarassing...well, or unless you mean something more complicated, in which case you should say it for us laymen :-p (We're not all as smart as you, you know).


P.S. 9 from me.

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