Aerial Dreams
by syKo
Aerial Dreams by syKo
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FragTastic Rep. 2351
#9   25 Aug 2012
I found this map quite fun actually it's rather ''Extreme'' than ''Boring'' for my liking. It's a map I would recommend to the ones who like a challenge and a good 3v3 :).
Edited: 25 Aug 2012 AEST
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Mark unregistered
#8   06 Jul 2008
Pokiest spacemap ever!!!
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Opja unregistered
#7   27 Nov 2003
Liking this map really is a matter of opinion, but personally, i enjoyed the hell out of it. I put it on my rail server, and added low-grav. By the way, this was FFA with 15+ people in the server. How we laughed...

It got into my server e few times after that aswell, but im afriad that now this map is gone from my HD...

Looking for deep and engaging epic battles? Keep browsing, buddy. This map is pure fun for a quick bash. If you have 10 minutes to waste, waste em here.

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[][]ZeRo[][] unregistered
#6   05 Dec 2001
Dont listen to these lamers!!! Great map do you think they know what they doing anyway very nice textures but the bots do dominate the center with the RL+SG but for my local LAN this one was a great time waster we played it for hours time after time 9/10 cause of those mean bots in the middle
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Tyre unregistered
#5   23 Nov 2001
I hate maps where you are continually running onto jump pads you didn't mean to, and this happens all the time here. The whole thing needs to be scaled up horizontally by a factor of two to make some room to run around.
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Kell unregistered
#4   22 Nov 2001
Yeah, the map definately suffers from crampness.

I really want to urge SyKotic to consider revising the map to give the pads more room, because I think it could make this into a cool space map. It's certainly the best looking space-textured map I've reviewed.

In defence of my comments, I have to say that this is the only space map I've played in which Hardcore bots stood any chance of defeating me - they dominate the middle area with the RL and SG and get far more kills in mid-flight than in other maps.

I also persuaded my mate who is a big q3dm17 fan to play it, and I pasted him using the RG with some pretty extreme shots. More than half my kills were air to air.

If you don't like it, I do respect your opinion, but I still think people should try it themselves just to see.

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OverKill unregistered
#3   21 Nov 2001
Like jif said the map is way 2 small, it would have been a great map if it was bigger, anyway u do better than me SyKotic at making maps the map is well made just 2 small for my liking, but who cares about my thoughts LOL...:)
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Jif unregistered
#2   21 Nov 2001
This map is horrible... bots play truely terribly. And the map is WAY too small for any more than 3 players at the most. Infact its way too small full stop. Octovus hit it pretty much on the head with his comments, though I didnt get any fun out of playing this map to be honest.
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Octovus unregistered
#1   20 Nov 2001
Well this review from Kell seems a bit off base; after seeing he gave Space Jam 2 an arguably less positive review and playing this one I honestly have no idea where he's coming from. Maybe he was in a good mood?

The bots play horribly. Period. That said, I can understand where people seem to get the impressions of their being good...they get so damn confused that the human mind is boggled and cannot possibly guess what they will do next. Get stuck on the accelerator pad? Turn around and rail me while bouncing non-stop on that bouncepad? Crater because they bounced for 5 minutes? Or fall into the pit after zipping around for a few years? Being shot into the void while jumping around gets very annoying, very fast on this map.

All that said it's still fun. It is just a very small space map, which inevitably results in small player loads and lots of void-visiting. That's not something I enjoy. I don't doubt there's people out there who'd really like this...I'm just not one of them. Anyways, its a 6 from me.


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