by ztn
Beatbox by ztn
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7oh4nn Rep. 23
#74   12 Aug 2019
Amazing map. Great gameplay.
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2352
#73   31 Mar 2015
@Takkie: No offense taken :) I get the joke now (with explanation that is)

I do my best to give candid votes & comments...some comments I made back in mid 2011 were just to make comments, but I edit them if I feel they don't have any staying value.

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Takkie Rep. 1798
#72   30 Mar 2015
@KommissarReb. It was just a little joke :)
I can not play this map enough. So if i'd rate it after i played it enough it will be never...
My sense of humour is perhaps a bit 'doubtfull' haha
I've read your comments all over ..::LvL and i am convinced your voting is trustworthy.
Sorry no offence intended.
Edited 28 seconds after the original posting.
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2352
#71   30 Mar 2015
@Takkie: That's not true. I would rather not rate it at all than give it a shallow rating. This is a map that I wanted to actually play more than once, which is generally uncommon for run-of-the-mill arena maps.

But after playing a few rounds on this map in Generations & Hunt, I give it a 3.5/5 I took some points off because of the tight corridors, and the mound of dirt using the mossy stone block texture. Otherwise, it was good.
Edited 20.83 hours after the original posting.

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Takkie Rep. 1798
#70   30 Mar 2015
@kommissarReb (SW12) you'll probably never going to rate it. After 15 years i still am playing this map. Superb.
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2352
#69   27 Mar 2015
The area in the screenshot reminded me of the Quake 1 map E2M3: "The Crypt of Decay" where there were bridges over a water area. The corridors were nowhere near as tight as they were in this map, and the water is much more shallow. Just like boboke said (comment 12) the mound of dirt with the RL resembled the part of E1M3 where you take the key floating over a mound of dirt above water, and all the zombies rise up and attack you.

I'll keep this for the resemblance it has to the Quake 1 maps, and play it in Generations or Hunt. I'll rate it when I've played it enough.

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CleanedUp Rep. 92
#68   30 Dec 2013
AWESOME gameplay!!! :D well worth downloading.
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FragTastic Rep. 2333
#67   10 Jul 2012
One word - Amazing! :D. This map is just legend and yet it was released in 200 when rich textures were not released and it still has amazing gameplay, textures, environment etc.. Excellent work man :D. 9.5/10
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LGD*Foralarx unregistered
#66   13 Jan 2006
Whilst the visuals on this map are run of the mill gothic stlyee, the gameplay on this map is outstanding with excellent conectivity and a weapon / item layout that keeps you on the move if you want to survive. It remains one of my favourites till this day.
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mr bap unregistered
#65   23 Aug 2002
this map looks shit and textures aint that exciting but man what a map a true blue classic one of my all time faves i got this on a disk in case o a crash my friends it just soooo much fun in alll modes o play this map is tiny dl and massive on play its just pure fun a breath o fresh air i love it like many other i could mention a must for the collector of classic q3 maps
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stoni unregistered
#64   28 Jun 2002
I can´t belive it - Still one of my favourite!!

Great gameplay and lots of delicious frags;)

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SittingDuck unregistered
#63   13 Apr 2002
It's THE best map I've played for 1-on-1 and up to 6 (maximum) FFA player DM. Great connectivity, great looking, good placement, this map OWNS.

Thanks to the design, the tempo in this map is always high. You have to keep moving to collect all the ammo, armor and powerups while keeping an eye out for your opponent(s).

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Prophet unregistered
#62   01 Apr 2001
All i can say is this, try Sarge on Hardcore with all weapons........after a couple hours, your friends will think you have a crack problem! Many, many hours of gameplay on this one.....and counting. Great map!!!
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Aspi unregistered
#61   04 Mar 2001
I kinda like this one more then the one used in the cpl. This one just ownz...
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mr.THEplague@X:F unregistered
#60   19 Jan 2001
fuckin' great stuff man. best map i've ever played. never gonna get away from it. see u in the net. greets 2 all ya
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Andres unregistered
#59   26 Dec 2000
Esta buenisimo!! (Spanish)

It´s great!!

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anon unregistered
#58   20 Oct 2000
real good map, perfect for 1on1 and CPL should start using it in tourneys dammit
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Analintrud0r unregistered
#57   04 Oct 2000
best map of all time
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ResidentSCUM unregistered
#56   01 Sep 2000
This is one of the fastest and most fun to play maps out there. The blood run map just doesn't do it like BEATBOX. Two thumbs up.
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Zatzwai unregistered
#55   16 Jul 2000
Wow ! It's one of my favorite custom map, the connectivity is excellent and there are many strategic places especially when you play 1 on 1.

Can't wait the next map of this guy !!

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rH-SLK unregistered
#54   01 Jul 2000
The best map a lot of tricks so ez to beat a lot fo guys in here this one has to go to cpl
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Steinecke unregistered
#53   17 Jun 2000
To me this is the very best of 'ztn's Q3A-maps. Colors to bright... -but this is only a matter of taste. Bots do excellent in tourney-mode. Gameplay (tourney): excellent! (I'm just not very interested in dm, so I haven't tested it jet.)The mixture of gothic and tech is illuminating each other; looks like an old arena, which has been updated by some arena-engineers. :)

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Timon unregistered
#52   16 Jun 2000
Mapka jest po prostu ZAJEBISTA!!!

(This map is fu#@ing good !)

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not entered unregistered
#51   10 Jun 2000
wow. this map just jumped to #1 in the top ten out of nowhere. it wasn't even on the list yesterday.

killer map tho so it's ok. :)

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indio unregistered
#50   05 Jun 2000
and i wonder how id gets people to create such crap as tourney3
and dm0...were the people in charge of hiring map makers on crack that day?
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|a|JayDee unregistered
#49   04 May 2000
the structure and weapon placement own. I think this map really has potential to be one of the top 1v1 maps. This map would be the best 1v1 map out there imho, if only ztn would stop putting so much health/armor in his maps. Perhaps, it would be a lot better if he replaced the YA near the water with a 50h and some lg cells, and switched the position of the other YA and the Rail. I think 1v1 maps are best played with 1 RA/2 YA's, 1Mega/2Ya's, 2YAs/Lots of Shards, or 1RA/1YA depending on the map. I give it a 8.5, but I would give it a 10 if there wasn't so much armor/health
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not entered unregistered
#48   01 May 2000
Gameplay YES, build clean, neat and detailed as usual with

ztn maps. Often I think that is overdone...meaning too polished

is a lack of roughness which should be an element of a DM map. Often I get this Salon feel in this map.

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Abil1ty unregistered
#47   30 Apr 2000
If you dont have this map yet. GET IT NOW.

WOW is all I have to say. Beatbox is in my opinion, THE best 1v1 map out to date. It truly is a remarkable map. The placement of items and health are superb. Armor is perfect. I read through the lower posts and one that I came across commented on 1 RA, 2 YA, 1 MH on every ZTN map. While I cant say if that is true, nor can I say its false, it works WELL in this map.

Up there with one of my all time favorite Quake Series maps.
I have loved pretty much every map ZTN has built, (with the exceptions of the recycler and a few others).
I anxiously await to see if this master mapper plans to recreate (ports = god awful) superior maps from quake2 such as the Rage.

Lighting was superb, weapons were spread just far enough apart, i love the flow of this map. The RA, MH, RL area is out of this world. I love the combination of moves including the rocket jump to MH, strafe from the hall to the RA, strafe from the MH to the RA. Those are just highlights of SOME of the 'trick' moves that can be perfomred on this great map.

Ide like to thank ZTN for his time and thought. Its guys like him that really do make the difference.

I score this map a perfect 10 of 10.
Armor was right on.
Health was 'just enough'.
Weapons were spaced perfectly.
Lighting was beatiful.
Magnificent use of water to slow opponents down (in track to a key weapon) as well as reveal positioning.

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.pM.W1ZZ unregistered
#46   29 Apr 2000
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The Thing unregistered
#45   22 Mar 2000
Best map ever, so fun so smooth

so clean,Yeh!!This is THE MAP i play always ==Rock´n´roll==

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Abomination unregistered
#44   25 Feb 2000
this map kicks ass, its very much like the best Q3 map dm13, the same amount of health and armor with the addition of larger rooms and a railgun.
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U4ik unregistered
#43   23 Feb 2000
One thing i like about this map is there is a surprise waiting around every corner,(rocket, grenade or buckshot). In the basement with the water where the rocket launcher is, makes 4 a easy target, well rounded.

Fun map.

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Lemming unregistered
#42   19 Feb 2000
I can't get the map to work on Q3. AGGG!GG!G!G!G!G!G!G!GGGGG!!!!!
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Bad_To_The_Bone unregistered
#41   17 Feb 2000
Fuxake. I resent you saying that we only like ZTN maps 'cus of the name. Do you think we havn't got minds of our own or something. OK, people get drawn to ZTNs maps but only 'cus of the high quality of his other work.

Also, I think armor is a good thing because It gives recently respawned people a chance against the guy with everysingle weapon and powerup.

All the Quakes would be a very 1 sided affair with no armor.

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Fool unregistered
#40   17 Feb 2000
ZTN = GOD Does 4-6 player DM get any better? If it does, let me know, because I haven't seen it yet.
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4Fuxake unregistered
#39   17 Feb 2000
Why does ZTN insist on putting 2YA 1RA 1MEGA in EVERY damn map, it spoils the entire map, duels just become borefests on all his maps because theres just too much damn armor and health... I really hope he breaks away from doing this, because the layout is very good in most of his maps...

ATM tho Ztn is just far to overated if the map has 'ztn' somewhere ppl just think its just the best thing ever... that much armor and health worked for Quake1, it sure as hell is a yawn in Quake2 and Quake3 pls stop it...

This is not a flame I respect Ztn's mapping prowess I'm just fedup with the the armor/health overload in all his creations and nobody else will say it, constructive criticism...

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Octovus unregistered
#38   17 Feb 2000
Nice one! I definitely liked the weapon placement in general, the gameflow was good, and like Malcath IMO it had same old textures but didn't feel like it did. One major problem though.. the rl placement. Swapping it with the gl would make this a 9 outa ten level for me. It just gets so annoying getting picked off by railwhores as you creep through the water towards the rl.

Happy fraggin! Octovus

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Bad_To_The_Bone unregistered
#37   17 Feb 2000
After about 2 weeks of playing Q3A I found myself being drawn back to the Erazor bots in Q2 because quite frankly most of iDs Q3A maps sucked. I don't know how anybody could say they were detailed (I found them really sparse and monotinouse). Anyway, when I played this map I really saw the kind of potential Q3A has, I thought the texturing was spot on and the layout took me back to the claustraphobic maps in Q1 (such as claustrophobolis:P). I don't see how anybody couldn't enjoy playing this map 1on1 or with 5or6 bots. Ztn is the kind of guy who's gonna make Q3A live up to it's predecessors.

Good work ztn, how about some re-makes of your old Q2 maps:)

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geezer unregistered
#36   17 Feb 2000
I didn't go through this map solo yet, so I won't comment on the mixed lighting etc. We did fire this up at work with 4 or 5 of us and it kicked ass. Gameplay was excellent.

Personally I think people sometimes get too hung up on certain aspects of a map and completely miss what's most important - how it plays. With 4 players this is a very intense map, which is the type of gameplay I happen to like. Lots of levels as well as several strategic positions for those that like to control (or camp) the map.

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Reaps unregistered
#35   16 Feb 2000
Awesome for duels - great map for tactical play - as for the textures - I couldn't care what they look like as long as the map plays well. My faviourite duel map for Quake 3 by miles :).
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[iF]Gonad unregistered
#34   16 Feb 2000
The lighting is perfect!

Nuff said......

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Stasis unregistered
#33   16 Feb 2000
The mix of textures and lighting doesn't quite suite me. But the gameplay beats any id map to shit. Keep up the good work, ztn.
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Lunaran unregistered
#32   16 Feb 2000
I by all means love ztn's maps. I didn't care for the Beatbox either, however. Although it could be just me ...

I personally much prefer more open maps, especially The Rage. When do we see that? :)

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Willcifer unregistered
#31   16 Feb 2000
Nice 1 on 1 map, and certainly more complex than any of Id's tourney maps...lots of places to trap... almost thought there was too much armor, but the layout and connectivity of the level seems to equalize things somewhat. It is easily possible to clear the red and mega in 3 or so secs with rj'ing (red then rj'ing up to mega, or even mega to grenade pack alcove to red without rj'ing albeit by losing a little speed), a scary proposition, but then again, there's a lot of ways to splash people with rl or snipe them with rail when they're trying to do that :-). Also plays well with bots, although technical/strategic elements seem to make the level somewhat easier to control against the bots. Still, nice map, good job again ZTN!
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AssBall unregistered
#30   15 Feb 2000
Great layout, fuct lighting.
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maN[i]Ac unregistered
#29   15 Feb 2000
RC: The reason there are rarely people in custom-map-only servers is because most people are too damn lazy to download custom maps! Also, many times custom-map servers have maps that I (and others, I'm sure) don't have, even though I do download many maps. Although many of id's original maps are very good, there are quite a few really drab and boring ones as well (for example, pretty much every "tourney" map, in my opinion).

Oh, and I really like ztn's new map :) I just got through playing a few 30 fraglimit games against bots, and they were all very fun. Seeing as I absolutely despise Quake 2, I can't compare it to ztn's Q2 maps, though.

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RC unregistered
#28   15 Feb 2000
ztn is 0 for 2 in my book for Q3. I can't become interested in this or his commercial map on any grounds at all -- gameplay, lighting, textures, whatever. Neither is anywhere in the league with his Q2 maps, which are infinitely more detailed (odd, given Q3 is the great liberator for detail) and which more or less wrote the book on the base style.

Interestingly, to date, only a handful of people have come close to the complexity and beauty of id's Q3 maps. Until the ante is upped considerably, this is one reason (alas!) that servers like Heidi Ho, running custom dm maps exclusively, are deserted at all times of day....

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not entered unregistered
#27   15 Feb 2000
great game flow, nice texturing, and excellent framerate. ztn is without a doubt the best map maker out there. I just can't wait for his Blood Run conversion :)
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Skin unregistered
#26   14 Feb 2000
I honestly feel that people are either voting so high or so low on this map just because they either excpect more from ZTN or ZTN just made this map. I think it is a very good job personally not the best third-party map I have seen out there but definatly worth of some good play. It is deffinatly better then his dmm map. As of right now and everything I've gone through this does deserve a place in one of the essential 10 third-party deathmatch maps.
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wd|apoc unregistered
#25   14 Feb 2000
classic ztn....... kickass and the textures look sweet.....
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Jim unregistered
#24   14 Feb 2000
This, along with Addiction, is one of the best Q3A maps released yet. There is just so much to do in this map and yet the flow remains tight. There are always multiple paths, and a few judicious rocket jumps and some good bunny hopping/acceleration lets you find some wicked shortcuts. Definitely one of the best 1v1 maps out there.
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Deride unregistered
#23   14 Feb 2000
Ownage, Make more.

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not entered unregistered
#22   14 Feb 2000
Guys just because ztn made this map doesn't make it good. This map is technically excellent. But the gameplay falls short. This is not a top Q3 map. Since ztn is my favorite level author, I was dissapointed to say the least.

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Peej unregistered
#21   14 Feb 2000
amazing map, kicks the shit out of ztn's "seen it all before" q2 maps (then again it wasn't ztn's fault, q2 is just sooo.... sorry, back to the map).

superb connectivity which makes you work for your booty, fast flow, and some cool places to show off your skillz. plus some fun DFA, gotta love it.

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[iF]Gonad unregistered
#20   14 Feb 2000
Excellent map ztn! It's by far in the top 3 of any map released right now.

And why do people have such a hard time with people mixing gith and base textures. The way ztn (and a few others) does it it works. NOTHING looks out of place. Whoever said that one has to stick with either just base or just gothic textures in a map? To me that could get booring after awhile.

Again I had very fun with this map. It's also absolutely gorgeouse and my fav. part is the dungeon area. The skeleton (my absolute fav. model) is a very nice touch to the teleporter area. I also like how the floor is broken and cracked up...something that I'm working on in my upcoming map.

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nitin unregistered
#19   14 Feb 2000
Actually, to all those who think its boring, try changing the bots you play with. I think ztn chose the wrong bots as they all congregate near the ssg and rg.
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nitin unregistered
#18   14 Feb 2000
Hmm, plays bad huh. This is hands down the best q3 custom release so far. Not because its by ztn, becuase it has an awesome layout which flows well. This got me playing q3 again after I was bored with it.
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pUq3 unregistered
#17   14 Feb 2000
Well , the texturing is fine by me , this map is great!

BTW, it has 2 minor secrets in it, and it has something to do with rocketjumping :)

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Chester unregistered
#16   14 Feb 2000
Nice map but the lightingneeds some work! to bright in some places...overall good map !
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0xide unregistered
#15   14 Feb 2000
I expected much better from the hand of ztn, not to say that Beatbox is a bad map. It does fall way short of his q2 efforts though.

Don't like the layout at all, and the texturing is... odd.

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FooF unregistered
#14   14 Feb 2000
I think this is the best 1on1 map for quake3 so far. dont know why you people say it plays bad. i think it looks nice too...

I have been waiting for along time for a decent 1on1 map. all the ones that came with the game blow ass pretty much. im glad someone knows what they're doing

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Killer unregistered
#13   14 Feb 2000
Well, when I first fired this map up I was generally happy with it but I thought maybe the layout was a bit tight and teh lighting a bit bright. However, once I played a few forst to 50 FFA's with some quality bots, all my doubts about the layout disappeared. This map plays excellently and the layout is very cleverly contructed.

The visuals are a kinda love / hate thing I guess but I am in the former group. The combination of gothic and base shouldn't work but ztn has pulled it off nicely. Still think maybe the lighting is a touch bright ;-)

Cool map grab it now.

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boboke unregistered
#12   14 Feb 2000
e1m3 (nocropolis), yes

good design, good flow, nice texturing but not excellent

this one stays :)

if this is a doublepost then please slap me around a bit

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Lord Imric unregistered
#11   14 Feb 2000
Darn nice map, its gotta be said. Now I can't wait for Blood Run =]
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d3f3nd3r unregistered
#10   14 Feb 2000
Good tourney map. I think that's all that needs to be said.
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RedFive unregistered
#9   14 Feb 2000
All I can say is I love it! Then again 1-on-1 is my thing so...
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Hatchet unregistered
#8   14 Feb 2000
this map is great - had some crazy 1 on 1's last night with some doubters and they were converts in minutes. i gotta admit tho, if you camp the highest level you can sweep ya, rg, mh, ra and rl awful quick if you're on the ball. Scary stats after that run...
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smeghead unregistered
#7   14 Feb 2000
Heh..yeah! e1m2 was the first thing I thought of.

Okay map, but I have seen better from ztn..and expect better in the future :)

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Chobbo unregistered
#6   14 Feb 2000
Not bad, but am I the only one who sees the quake1 e1m2 in this map? You can especially see it in the screenshot.... that thing in the middle is the shambler place, there's water below with a small island and weapon....

maybe it's just me.

  • Chobbo
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    Sundown unregistered
    #5   14 Feb 2000
    Its like killing people in a three-tiered shopping mall. Reign death on your buds, then get a tasty treat from Cinnabon. I think the map flows very well, one of the best 3rd party maps out right now.
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    Slowtreme unregistered
    #4   14 Feb 2000
    Not one of ZTN's best maps IMO. I don't think his gothic stuff comes across very well.

    I found the texturing to be almost hard on the eyes, it just didnt flow. The map itself seems unfinished.

    Bridges seem to end for no reason, alcoves look like there should have been hallways added with more rooms, but he didn't feel like working on it anymore.

    Turn picmip down to 10 and just play the map, it just lacks flow. I think people are voting high on this just because it says ZTN.

    I'll wait for his next try, this one isn't working for me =(

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    than unregistered
    #3   14 Feb 2000
    Looks very nice. certainly one of the better gothic maps. very good use of textures and lighting. I really liked the water area which feels so right.

    Anyway, playwise I wasn't too excited. I only played bots on it but got bored fairly quickly which I can't explain. I did take it to a lan party but nobody would play any custom maps because they couldn't be bothered to spend 1 second copying them across the computers.

    I certainly prefer ztns q2 maps to this but having said that it is a good map in it's own right.


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    ALS unregistered
    #2   14 Feb 2000
    Great Map!!
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    sw unregistered
    #1   14 Feb 2000
    yeah, this map rocks. But i think ztn has done better maps before (Painkiller,Bad Blood)
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