Welcome To My Deathtube
Welcome To My Deathtube by ManicGibber
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Takkie Rep. 1798
#8   03 Feb 2015
If i compare my experience with this map and the comments below i must say play this map with the normal weapon layout. Because for me playing rl/rg only, the map was to simple. Focus is completly on the middle part where bots just go in and out of the tube...
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Rokscott unregistered
#7   15 Oct 2001
Ace space map :)

8 outa 10 from me too.

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ManicGibber unregistered
#6   12 Oct 2001
I do get sick of that tube myself, But it is such a furious map frag wise, and getting a rail shot while flying backwards toward the portal is way cool. I get addicted to trying to rail after leaving the ramp. Thanks for your feedback, I'm gonna give it some serious thought.
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Monaco unregistered
#5   09 Oct 2001
A 3 level DM17 mutant. It was fun for a while, but the jump pad to transport tube teleport made the level super linear. The effect was way cool, but I got really sick of it after the 50th ride through. Got sick of getting pasted by a rocket as soon as I land because the landing spot is the main combat zone. With my freinds it is, anyway!:)

It really doesn't play like DM17 whatsoever, which totally surprised me. For that reason I'm gonna keep it as it's pretty original. But only for maybe 20 frags at a time...

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Octovus unregistered
#4   06 Oct 2001
Well, you mappers certainly deserve a bundle of thanks too ;-)
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ManicGibber unregistered
#3   06 Oct 2001
Really is great to be able to post a map and have it reviewed.

Thank you to the crew at LvL for your dedication and to all those that download aftermarket maps.

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ManicGibber unregistered
#2   06 Oct 2001
I was a little hesitant about using Bfg, as it is a weapon you either love or hate. It kind of throw's the map out of balance, but mega and quad and rail evens it up. It is very satisfying to pull off a rail shot when mid air and heading towards the tube.
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Octovus unregistered
#1   06 Oct 2001
Cool map! It's quite nicely done, over all. Not that resemblant to DM17 beyond the general comparison that it's a simple space map (and considering that there's none too many custom space maps, that's not saying too much).

Fun romp with plentiful rocket launchers; the railgun and the "death tube" are certainly the focus of the map but ample action is everywhere with the simple mirrored layout. If you're lucky enough to be the "BFG whore" who goes through the tube when the big gun is spawned then you're in for some fun. Certainly worth your downloading and playing time :-)


P.S. 8 from me, partly because we need more maps like this!!

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