Two Halves
Two Halves by Suicide20
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I_like_quake Rep. 113
#36   25 Apr 2015
Thank you both very much
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Tig Rep. 1712
#35   25 Apr 2015
The download has been updated to the more standard format of a PK3 and a text file in a zip file. If anyone finds other downloads that require the extension to be changed, just let me know and I'll fix it up. It will only be on older levels like this one.
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sst13 Rep. 433
#34   25 Apr 2015
@I_like_quake: The ZIP is the PK3.
Just rename it from: -> s20ctf1.pk3
If your filebrowser doesn't show file extensions, you have to turn them on before renaming...
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I_like_quake Rep. 113
#33   25 Apr 2015
I cant find the pk3 file in the download. Can anyone tell me how to play this map?
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hannibal unregistered
#32   13 Feb 2001
A unique, yummy CTF experience. Keep pumpin' out the CTF maps bud, your work is appreciated.
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Stik Ty unregistered
#31   10 Feb 2001
This is one sweet ctf map. I mean its got many ways to each base and it is symetric. And NO missing textures. GREAT im serious i love it. but not the best cuz i prefer open space ctf But download this map, its the $#!+
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Casey unregistered
#30   06 Dec 2000
Suicide20, where you at Baby Cakes? Your e-mail address is dead. E-mail me @ :)
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Barbarella unregistered
#29   15 Nov 2000

as you said it's a great map. So why isn't it the top 10 ! even in the top 20 !

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Fork unregistered
#28   06 Aug 2000
thx for the wonderful RA3 maps @suicide20... you´ve done the best map in the hole mod... congratulations :)
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Suicide20 unregistered
#27   14 Jun 2000
Rio to each his own...

To set aside your claims that the flag was an after thought, I can only atest that it wasn't.

that base went thru several redesigns.

I must admit that this one keeps the attackers on their toes. Its kinda easy to defend with one man in base, but its easy to corradinate an attck and score a flag.

Defrag had the right amount of ppl for this map... 4-8 total ppl. It was designed to be a small 4 man team map. I'm really glad he had such a great time.


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RiO unregistered
#26   10 Jun 2000
I have a fundamental problem with any CTF base where the flag in the incident rather than the focus. Since the flag is what the gameplay is all about, it should be central, possibly raised a bit, or somwhere distinct, in the middle. Here it is just casually tossed to one side of the base like it doesn't matter. I dislike that.

Apart from this damning flaw, the map is very well constructed and there are no texture errors. It ain't ugly-looking. In fact, for a ruin it looks a bit nice :>

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{Q3AC}Fragzilla(a){CL} unregistered
#25   30 May 2000

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swr unregistered
#24   27 May 2000
I guess it's just the floor texture in the base I find ugly-looking. You can't argue that that is ugly- it's dirt. :) But if you're guarding the base you have to look at that texture a lot.

I do agree it's a must-have map. It plays very well.

It's kinda funny when an intruder gets past you on the lowest corridor and takes the long bounce into your base, and the next thing you see is his lifeless corpse falling right back down. :)

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KODIAK unregistered
#23   16 May 2000
Ugly looking??

No offence dude but thus is one of the best maps I have ever seen and propably the best CTF map!

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not entered unregistered
#22   12 May 2000
I found the this map a bit ugly-looking. Some of the weapon respawn times are too slow, especially the railgun. Otherwise a very good map. The layout is really cool (if a bit confusing) with several different routes to get from one place to another.

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Stephen_SB unregistered
#21   07 May 2000
How do you install this? No pk3 file;-(
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Iksander unregistered
#20   06 May 2000
Quite impressive bar the teleporters which left a little to be desired
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not entered unregistered
#19   24 Apr 2000
This map is supreme
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KODIAK unregistered
#18   28 Mar 2000
Man! This map rocks.
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Lelon unregistered
#17   16 Mar 2000
No technical errors.

Truely awesome. A rare 10 from me.

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Atari unregistered
#16   25 Feb 2000
Nice map, Sui! Course I have been watching you make this sucker, and kinda biased, but I SERIOUSLY suggest getting this map.. LOTS of good ideas. I give it three thumbs up!
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Defrag[StC] unregistered
#15   24 Feb 2000
Woohoo! Big fun. 6 of us at work hooked up on the LAN and played this map over and over for 3 and a half hours. Set the capture limit to 10, and the time limit to 45. With good teamwork, and strong defense, the time limit often runs out first :)
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dobe unregistered
#14   18 Feb 2000
really good
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Octovus unregistered
#13   17 Feb 2000
A nice ctf map.... while good dm maps have been made (Addict, Kaos) there haven't been any ctf maps that were really worth it in my opinion, except for JapanCtf. Bang on with the ruins look point RC. Only thing about it for me is that the action seems very much centred in the bases.. not that it shouldn't be but the middlegrounds seemed kinda abandoned.

Happy fraggin!

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RC unregistered
#12   17 Feb 2000
Great fun playing it with the bots!

Visually, the ruins are a nice departure from the id temple and cathedral styles.

Not good enough for your precious server, Solicitor? No matter; somebody with taste will step up.

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Lelon unregistered
#11   16 Feb 2000

This map is godly. Better than any of the 3 ctf add on maps released by ID. It would be nice if this map made it to a few more servers so it would get around more.

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=PCI=Solicitor unregistered
#10   16 Feb 2000
I don't even want to put this map on my CTF server, since its only specced out for 8 players. make maps for 10-14 players and you will get a lot more attention. BTW, my server and servers I like to play on are setup for 12-14 max clients.

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TikTok unregistered
#9   13 Feb 2000
I really liked the texture usage, and the use of the fog. Some of the lower areas, and the base were a little too tight. The lower teleporters are clever. With some tweaking, has potential to be a great map.
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smokyo unregistered
#8   13 Feb 2000
suicide20 is the shit
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d3f3nd3r unregistered
#7   13 Feb 2000
Wow, surprising you're just getting around to this map now, it's been out for quite a while. Anyway, not much to say, this map is cool and has pretty nice design and layout to it. One of the better CTF maps at the moment for sure.
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Johnny Law unregistered
#6   13 Feb 2000
sv_pure 0 is not required for using third-party pk3s. Unless maybe if you haven't patched to the point release version yet or something.

If you're unzipping the pk3, don't do that! Just put the pk3 file in your baseq3 folder.

P.S. Yeah this is a fun map.

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rocko unregistered
#5   13 Feb 2000
dont know why some peeps dont like it, i loved it
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Dutch unregistered
#4   13 Feb 2000
Make sure you have set sv_pure "0" or it will not load
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not entered unregistered
#3   13 Feb 2000
Make sure you have set sv_pure "0" or it will not load
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Patridiot unregistered
#2   13 Feb 2000
I was looking forward to checking out this map because Suicide 20 is on Rocket Arena 3 mapping team and i wanted a taste of what was to come. Every time I try to load the map though I get kicked back the the menu. It shows up in my map select screen just wont run. I tried downloading it from different sources to make sure I didn't have a bad copy or something. Any ideas?
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Kancer unregistered
#1   13 Feb 2000
Real nice map indeed. It's good to see more CTF maps being posted. Hopefully the quality will improve even more.
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