Jam Number 17
by pjw
Jam Number 17 by pjw
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Alice Rep. 575
#18   03 Oct 2017
to me: one of the best maps ever made...
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JennyMI unregistered
#17   21 Mar 2016
I saw, but did not understand... teleporters doesn't lead there (sorry for my bad english)
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Tig Rep. 1224
#16   21 Mar 2016
@JennyMI: pjw (the author) has left a hint on how to get the BFG ammo at comment #9 - lvlworld.com/comme...m%20Number%2017
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JennyMI unregistered
#15   21 Mar 2016
Hi, can`t get BFG ammo, please help! How can i get it?
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FragTastic Rep. 2241
#14   14 Jan 2012
Loving the futuristic textures :).
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RotaryFist.cz Rep. 64
#13   20 Aug 2008
The complexity of this map always fascinated me... The layout is lovely and just forces me to spend time roaming around rather than trying to fight at all. This is one of the best maps I know of, for the awesome design.
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Mark unregistered
#12   20 Jul 2008
The BFG is easy enough to reach with a double jump off the rail to the left or a ramp jump assisted by the wall corner to the right. It is also easily reached by a single RJ off the lowest bouncepad beneath it. MH again easily reached just from ramp jumping and RA well i'm not good at high speed tight circle jumps so considering its access via teleporter near lg i just picked it up whenever i was in the area. Lots of lovely drops for 2xrjs - here where the battlesuit comes into play. most cpma discourage rj's for me - the challenge is jumping without relying on the rl but this map really encourages and delights in it.
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LiViD unregistered
#11   05 Dec 2003
Wow, can't believe how CALCULATED everything is....with regards to the CPMA jumps....hell, I ran around for over a half an hour by myself just seeing the sights and learning the jumps....great map man....9/10
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Myth unregistered
#10   14 Nov 2003
another original piece of mappage there pjw, well done.

stuff I like about this map:

1) lots of vertical o/

2) nice ambience at the top of the map with the glass

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pjw unregistered
#9   08 Nov 2003
@dEaTh: "this fool must have been on crack" = LOL. Thanks for the comprehensive feedback, man, and I'm glad you like the map. :) (but you don't seem to have voted (?))

Couple of things:

-nope, no drugs, not for a long time anyway. :)

-I think you mean a RL and not a RG to reach the BFG. :) The other ways to get it are via a slope jump from the nearby ramp or a double jump off the plat railing in the upper corner (both these only work in CPMA).

-the BFG ammo is really obscure to get, and most people probably won't figure it out. Hint: it involves one of the teleporters. Anyone who can't get it is welcome to mail me.

@RasputiN: I'm in the process of texturing tourney4--it currently looks crap and is still mostly caulk, but I should have first beta in maybe a week or so.

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RasputiN unregistered
#8   08 Nov 2003
I mean the "ONE ON". ( No, I obviously didn't check for dumb typos. Doh!)

Great work pjw! BTW, how is tourney4 coming along? Can we have a few WIP shots in the Map-Center forums?

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RasputiN unregistered
#7   08 Nov 2003
Whoah there! Are you sure the author's the one one crack here? :D
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dEaTh unregistered
#6   07 Nov 2003
this fool must have been on crack while making this map. it is possibly one of the most bizzare layouts ive ever seen. however, this is why crack and pot are good. this is overall one of the best maps ive played. perhaps not the most original as far as the stuff in it (ive seen some sick shit) but the layout is by far the sickest, most god damn confusing and most original. this is particularly good because it gives the map a lot of replay value. really. the weapons are all there and intact. im not sure if theres some secret way to get the BFG but i just launched myself onto the ledge with a RG. nice and simple but make sure you have above 50 health if you do it. the quad is nicely placed, in a very remote are away from the open areas where most of the fighting, especially rail fights will occur. now im not sure if the Battle Suit serves a purpose for getting a secret but i think its good since youll run into alot of lava pits. by the way, that is by far the best part of the map: the lava and the lava tubes look sick. awesome job man! the teleporters look very biological to me (something like a fat dude's gut...no, i mean the inside) who knows? to much ammo if you ask me, but i agree the map is BIG and oh so irregular (possibly one of the most irregular layouts ever) so that justifies it. another word on the BFG: those of you who will be expecting it to come with a full clip (20 units), forget it. it only comes with 5, and theres only one ammo box which i couldnt figure out how to obtain. my advice: save the BFG for life and death situations. most tools come with only one ammo box but some have ammo crates all over the map (MG, SG, RL). bots are good. they navigate most of the map. powerups include MH, BS, QD, RA, YA, AS. all the weapons are in the map and with a good deal of ammo. personally i recommend 6 players minimum due to the maps size. r_speeds are great. i had no instability, bots did great, and its truly impressive that the author leveled the stability really well when you look at the size, and looks of this map. very good map overall and at the moment is fighting for the "my favorite" title with one of those larger than life maps, which takes place in a bathroom. i forget where i found it. i think its called death bath by requiem. nice map. has all the weapons, a nice little grappling hook, filght, mega health, haste, quad damage, battle suit, regenaration, medkit, and the PT. very big map with some lots of awesome hiding and camping spots. both maps are great. good job man. 10/10
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pjw unregistered
#5   06 Nov 2003
Thanks for the complements folks; I appreciate it! It's always nice to hear people are playing and enjoying my maps.

And nitin, you're correct that the layout won't be to everyone's taste--it is pretty large/interconnected, but thanks for giving it a look.

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alabaster20 unregistered
#4   03 Nov 2003
iv ben downloading levels for at least a year and a half and personaly i think this level is great.mad props..keep it up
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StormShadow unregistered
#3   03 Nov 2003
Not all maps can be learned within the first five minutes of play. The beauty of many of pjw's maps is that while at first they seem large and complex, after investing some time into learning them, the layout seems to 'shrink' (in a good way:)) and all the corridors and passageways that at first you found confusing and maze-like become invaluable in navigating the level. After playing it for a while, you will see how brilliantly everything interconnects and flows. In short, learn it and you'll love it :)


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nitin unregistered
#2   03 Nov 2003
fine map looks wise and framerate wise but gameplay feels a bit random to me. The layout's just way too overcomplicated for my personal taste I guess.


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Bull unregistered
#1   01 Nov 2003
looks like the geometry compo map
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