Which Q3 CTF map is this?
Started by bouwwerf
bouwwerf Rep. 0
#1   12 Jan 2024
I was browsing through 2736 old Quake 3 screenshots when I noticed a map I didn't reckonize. The screenshot was taken in january of 2005 and shows the intermission point with scoreboard.
This is the screenshot: bouwwerf.com/unknownq3ctfmap.jpg
Does anyone know what map this is?
richoi Rep. 70
#2   12 Jan 2024
@bouwwerf: it looks like it may be a remake of map - "redmeat" - in MeatPak by Pete Parisi; and, maybe redone for the CPMA mod (link in mods section)?
bouwwerf Rep. 0
#3   12 Jan 2024
Wow, yeah. The midfield surely does look inspired by redmeat. Thanks for the tip, I shall look into it.

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