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Started by 7bit
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#1   17 Nov 2011
Hi, newbie question: I've downloaded lots of maps but most don't show up on the skirmish menu. Is there a limit to it?
Tig Rep. 1712
#2   17 Nov 2011
There are a number of things that can cause your menu system to 'bug out' and not show all the maps, the two main causes seem to be either:

  • You have around 250 PK3 files in the baseq3 folder - this seems to be an issue, but I can not confirm it.
... or ...
  • One of the PK3 files has a script error. If this is the case, all 'below' this one may not appear. This can be hard to identify sometimes.
The best fix, and a good idea is to have a 'holding' folder. Place all the PK3 files into this holding folder and move only the PK3's you want to play into the baseq3 folder.

If you are trying to find a buggy PK3, use the holding folder to store all the PK3's. Then move only a few PK3's at a time into the baseq3 folder and see if the problem appears. If the problem turns up, then one of the last PK3's is (possible) causing the issue.

Hope that helps.

Takkie Rep. 1798
#3   20 Nov 2011
You can also create several map-directories (folders).
And start-up quake3 using a .bat executable with +set fs_game "your map directory"
(with "your map directory" being the directory holding the maps without using the "")
Some mods use this to start up quake3 and the mod.
If you want to use the mod and the maps:
Create a .bat executable with +set fs_basegame "modname" +set fs_game "your map directory"
First Quake3 will be started then the fs_basegame will be loaded and finally the fs_game.

example i use with ioquake3 and a little mod i created:
ioquake3.x86.exe +set fs_basegame RandomWeaponMod +set fs_game LvLmaps +set sv_pure 0

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