Request: Email notifications
Started by Tig
Tig Rep. 1434
#1   10 Nov 2022
@raspatan has requested an email notification feature for the ..::LvL forum and the possibility to include the '@name' tagging system.

Questions are:

  1. Is this just raspatan that wants this?
  1. Obviously, this would be a 'opt-in' system where a tick-box is required, but would people want:
  2. a) Tell me all mode - A forum wide option, no matter what post is made.
  3. b) Following mode - A per thread option, but only if you make a post in that thread
  4. c) Lurker mode - A per thread option, no post required. Can elect to follow a thread without posting in it.
  1. The email on '@name' option would be a setting in your profile, but is that needed?
This is not a quick job, but happy to do it if there are a few people that few want it.
raspatan Rep. 4380
#2   11 Nov 2022
vote yes
Mapsking Rep. 361
#3   20 Nov 2022
I'd be interested in an option to get email notifications regarding new forum posts. Also, all three options seems good, but the ability to choose which one/s you want would be important.

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