The Ruins of Oehm
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#1   28 days ago
Not sure why I never thought to ask here... so I guess I will now. :-)

The Ruins of Oehm (oehm.pk3) was an early custom Q3 map that was popular on some ProMode servers. It vanished when all those Quake-era game-files websites died off. It's not the GREATEST MAP EVER (as I remember) but it's basically the only map that I used to run on my server which I now can't find, anywhere. Kind of annoying! If anyone out there happens to have a copy it would be cool to take a peek at it.

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#2   24 days ago
Sorry to make the first reply a negative result.
I saw your wanted list @ a little while ago, and over the past month or so while doing a bunch of archive work, I've looked for oehm. No luck so far.
The only extra information I can give you is this: I saw in another map an advertisement for Ruins of OEHM in connection with (GMC = German Mapping Community according to the advertisement). and .de were the same; but unfortunately, doesn't have anything for nor . But it does give a direction of inquiry for someone more gregarious than I: ask if anyone knows anyone who ran splatterworld or might have an archive of it, or someone who was a member of either the Black Legion or Spirit of Darkness clans ( , ) which tested some of these maps (e.g., Elite by Goetzenzar) and might still have a copy of the map, etc.
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#3   20 days ago
Ah well, thanks for the answer (and a few more leads) in any case!
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#4   4 days ago
gathering together what I have learned to date:
title: Ruins of Oehm
authors: aless and shiva
released: circa 2000-06-28
pk3name: oehm.pk3
originally released as

historical / dead / unarchived download locations:
- aless's website @ . died some time in 2001.
- Khaile's QWfix mod @ q3w. Q3W stopped hosting sites around Feb. 2001. I don't know if DOOMer et al. would have access to an archive of these. Khaile ( ) might have some of his old files.

Further notes which may or may not be helpful (bear in mind I am not a CPM/CPMA player) :
Per , oehm was supposed to make it into the 'next promode release'. This would have been around CPM Beta 28 (May 2000; and the Lansanity 0.85 (July 2000; versions. I have not found a trove of beta maps in the old versions of CPM I could locate. Each time it has been cpm1-cpm4 or no maps at all.
It does mean that the map may have made it onto official CPM FTP(s). If so, that still doesn't help us much, because webspiders generally didn't index FTPs.
A few new CPM maps appeared in this period (e.g., Prophecy by Mr.CleaN, Old School by r_speeds), so it's possible that there might have existed some kind of beta/test compilation pack of new submissions... somewhere.
shiva might have been Polish player t5.shiva , if that helps anyone.

There are no search engines available for this kind of work, so progress comes in fits and starts. Was there anything like or operating back in 2000? (As in: web-browser list of servers instead of a program like gamespy or qtracker to download.) I've used archives of a bit, but if there's some 'obvious' resource that everyone used back in the day, please advise.

(edit: Lest the final paragraph sound like a non sequitur, I have occasionally found missing maps via 'maps we play on our server' resources.)
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