Some Quake 3 VR gameplay with top Q3 VR players.
Started by Bummser
Bummser Rep. 70
#1   14 Jun 2022
Hello, i dont want to spam this forum with VR Quake stuff, so this will be the only post.
Here is a 4K recording of some of our top players having a match in VR on Quest 2 via Quake3quest.
Map is (obvioulsy) Focal Point. Looks great in the headset.
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Mapsking Rep. 361
#2   16 Jun 2022
Cool! However, in the future, for videos, I suggest not having the blurred sides of the video, and just the actual capture itself. The sides made me kind of nauseous.
raspatan Rep. 4451
#3   18 Jun 2022
@Bummser Cool!! Is it very difficult to play (or do you suck at aiming hehe)?

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