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Quake 3 Injector?
Started by raspatan
raspatan Rep. 3900
#1   04 Apr 2021
Hi there! I came across a tool called Quake Injector (www.quaddicted.com.../quake_injector), which is a piece of software that allows users to download Quake 1 maps. You can bulk download for instance, see comments, author, search, etc. It seems to be connected to the www.quaddicted.com database, which is a kind of LvL for Q1.

I think the tools makes a lot of sense! It's open source software, so I imagine it could be made to work for Q3, with integration to LvL. That would be nice!

However, the tool has the problem of being a direct competitor of the website. We do not want to discourage visits to this site, naturally. But, the tool could be improved to make it interact directly with the website! For instance, you could add comments and vote from the software itself. This can then be synchronised with the website. LivePreview could be integrated to it. In other words, LvL made into a software!

Impossible? Unnecessary? Undesirable? What do you think?

Takkie Rep. 1678
#2   04 Apr 2021
@raspatan I'd support that.
Sounds a bit like my survey mode for the 'level up' mod (comment #14 and @Tig replying at #15)
I think I read somewhere that ioquake3 or quake3e (or was it oa?) has an option to download maps from q3df automatically if you are on a server and you don't have the map that is on the server. So at least some of the code is available.
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Tig Rep. 1114
#3   04 Apr 2021
@raspatan : Happy to work with anyone that wants to code it.

Personally, I have been trying to workout how to add a browser extension that could:

- download the map you want
- unpack it in the correct location
- let you know when when ready
- and present the option to start Q3A for you on that map.

raspatan Rep. 3900
#4   06 Apr 2021
@Tig don't know how to code in Java or C or other useful languages. Only in R. :( Probably the best I can offer is some beta testing :/
Regarding the browser extension, sounds like a quick shortcut for the equivalent dull manual process! But isn't it a bit invasive in terms of permissions (unzip-execute)? (as a general rule I mean, not because I think you will use it for evil purposes)

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