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Background images and info
Started by Tig
Tig Rep. 1024
#1   22 days ago
Got a request from @Mapsking to see if the background images could be improved as some look terrible. Spent a few hours on this one and made a number of tweaks - lvlworld.com/img/bg-sample01.png and lvlworld.com/img/bg-sample02.png

As the improvements were pretty clear, I ran a update script over all the levels. Some still look a little rough, but all have been updated. You may need to clear your browser cache or press CTRL+Shift+R to see the updated versions.

And @raspatan wanted to be able to see information about the backgrounds. You can now. A simple click on some of the clear space on the pages should give you a context box with details and a link to map review page. The context box may take a few seconds to load as it is dynamic. This feature may not work on the ..::LvL App or mobile versions of the site (at this stage).

raspatan Rep. 3253
#2   22 days ago
Superb, thanks! @Tig, your responsiveness to the community's concerns is top of the game. Never seen it elsewhere. Congrats!
Mapsking Rep. 236
#3   21 days ago
The backgrounds definitely look a lot smoother and better now, but in your linked samples, they looked almost the same to me. Not sure if that helps or not. Also, just to confirm, the BG info is also working. Thanks again!

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