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Started by Takkie
Takkie Rep. 1708
#1   13 Feb 2021
I was just playing q3e and was amazed by the look of kleskonian hights by nunuk So I took two pictures to share. Just for fun:
Anybody else wants to share?
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Tig Rep. 1234
#2   13 Feb 2021
Ohh Pretty :)

Care to share the visual settings to get the shots? I'm pretty sure there are a number of other maps those settings could work on.

Takkie Rep. 1708
#3   13 Feb 2021
No problem...
Of course I have the HQ-textures in my baseq3 and I did a /exec HQ first.
I also added these settings:
/seta r_vbo 1
/seta r_fbo 1
/seta r_ext_multisample 1
/seta r_ext_supersample 1
/seta r_flares 1
/seta r_ext_texture_filter_anisotropic 1
/seta r_hdr 1
I got them from:
They are documented for the Vulkan rendering. But I used for my setup which is a laptop and I don't know about its renderer...
I just used them... (I don't even know if I used them correctly)
The map ended up quite laggy but playable and fun. And better: beautiful.
I play with crash character and I can imagine how this map and the lights would look in deep space through the shiny visor of her helmet ;)
Takkie Rep. 1708
#4   13 Feb 2021
And I can't wait to test this out on more maps and I am looking forward to what others come up with.
Btw. I was quite lucky with these that there was a bot shooting the railgun at the right moment (1st screenshot) and in the second that there was just a bot getting gibbed in mid-air.
themuffinator Rep. 988
#5   13 Feb 2021
Nice! Some r_bloom wouldn't hurt though ;)
themuffinator Rep. 988
#6   14 Feb 2021
Which renderer are you using? I only get any lag in opengl.
Takkie Rep. 1708
#7   14 Feb 2021
I use the quake3e.exe (win_x86) I just did some tests (with the quake3e.exe update from yesterday) and i can get this effect without lag if i dont use the:

r_bloom whitewashes (if that is the right word) most of the lights in klhights...
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themuffinator Rep. 988
#8   14 Feb 2021
What I meant is what is /cl_renderer set to?
Yeah default flares are a bit overdone I think. r_flaresize 30 or less seems a bit better, although r_flaresize is cheat protected I think.
Takkie Rep. 1708
#9   14 Feb 2021
It wasn't set... omg.
I will set it to opengl2 and see if it still lags with the multisample, supersample and anisotropic. It seems klhights is a good map for testing because the difference is much more noticeable compared to the id maps.
themuffinator Rep. 988
#10   14 Feb 2021
No the point I was going to make is don't use OpenGL, use Vulkan which has far superior performance.

/cl_renderer vulkan;vid_restart

Takkie Rep. 1708
#11   14 Feb 2021
Haha, that is funny :D
I should use the quake3e-Vulkan.exe accordingly I assume.
leilei Rep. 343
#12   14 Feb 2021
Yeah default flares are a bit overdone I think

the q3 flare code that was left over calculates the flare size with the horizontal FOV, so if you've got any hor+ going on, they're going to be huge. This can be fixed to calculate the size from the vertical FOV instead
themuffinator Rep. 988
#13   14 Feb 2021
Leilei is alive! Hi there, haven't seen you around in a while.

Wasn't aware of that... might be worth looking in to fixing!

Takkie Rep. 1708
#14   15 Feb 2021
Ah yes with the Vulkan renderer it runs much smoother. And r_bloom is more subtle. Thanks heaps for that tip. Weird thing however, if I take a screenshot (or a printscreen) it only saves the left half of the screen...
I don't have this issue with the openGl version of Quake3e.
I've taken this up with quake3e at github:
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Issue is closed and addressed with a new release.
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themuffinator Rep. 988
#15   20 Feb 2021
@leilei: Found it!
// calculate the flare size..
size = backEnd.viewParms.viewportWidth * ( r_flareSize->value/640.0f + 8 / distance );

@Takkie: Yeah they put a screen height where a screen width was meant to be! Weird you're opting for BMP, I had been asking myself who would use that image format in today's day and age... personally I haven't touched a BMP since the mid 90's!

Takkie Rep. 1708
#16   21 Feb 2021
@themuffinator I am using bmp because it is the easiest. I can press printscreen and load the image in photoshop, edit and save as jpg. The tga format doesn't work with photoshop. I don't use gimp because my wife and I have this photography edit routine for her business and I don't want to put another photo-edit program in the mix.
Now that I think of it, bmp is an uncompressed format so it should result in a better image. Not that I would notice if I may believe the people around me, my sight isn't all that great... XD
themuffinator Rep. 988
#17   21 Feb 2021
@Takkie: Just remembered q3e doesn't have screenshotPNG for some unknown reason, even though it does support png loading... hmm.

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