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Creating a one-way clip wall
Started by Mango
Mango Rep. 0
#1   25 days ago
Not many Q3 mapping sites left, hope this reaches someone who can help! I am creating a team based map and I would like to create a spawn room of sorts which lets players out of the room but does not let them back in. I do not want to use a door as I just don't want people to be able to sneak back into the spawn room. I think I remember creating one-way walls mostly by accident but I can't seem to create them now.

I've tried creating a brush textured with all no-draw except one face which is covered in player-clip. I've tried multiple surfaces textured in player-clip. I either get a brush that is 100% clip or 100% no draw.

Any suggestions?

Thanks - Mango

Takkie Rep. 1536
#2   25 days ago
I don't know if such a brush exists.
Quick solution would be teleporting out of the room...
Tig Rep. 984
#3   25 days ago
With Takkie on this. A "window" teleporter, where you can see the other side would be a good option in this case.
themuffinator Rep. 875
#4   25 days ago
Potentially using a patch mesh with player clip shader might achieve this. If not, try a non-solid brush with one side player clip.

I know it is 100% possible, but it's been a long, long time since I've done something like this. The question then is what effect it will have on bots.

Edit: just tested it - the patch mesh definitely works
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Mango Rep. 0
#5   24 days ago
Ah yes, patch mesh works the way I wanted. Making the patch out of a transparent texture makes it appear as a translucent forcefield which players are able to walk through from the spawn side.

BUT, all are correct. the bots do not like this idea. When placed inside the spawn room they don't know how to leave. When placed outside they don't know they can shoot through the transparent texture. Might need to come up with a creative solution for the bots.

Thank you all for the help!

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